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  • Davis - Mat-Out?

    I read some good reviews of Davis's Mat-out here, so I tired it out. Is it just me or.... it feels sticky and crate suds in both wet and dry hair. I didn't see any good result of getting the mats out. Did I not do it right? should i mix with water?

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    I didn't care for this product myself. It seemed to leave the coat gummy for whatever reason. Do you use a recirculating bathing unit? I've had better luck using the Stazko system on lightly matted pets and Nature's Specialties Filthy Animal (or Dirty Dog-whatever they call it), Plum Silky (Davis has one that is similar), or Smelly Pet followed by a leave in rinse of Quicker Slicker at the rate of 2-3 caps full of QS in as much water as it takes to make the unit run. Let them sit and drip for a few minutes and then HV all the way dry concentrating on the matted areas. You can usually blow even small felted areas far enough away from the skin to leave some length.

    Yesterday was Schnauzer day (5 out of 6). One of the girls I did is in coat change right now. I use Stazko Spray on her pre-bath while cleaning her ears and sani-just worked it right into those mats. I put her in the tub and bathed twice with Stazko and let the 2nd application sit for 5 minutes. I then rinsed her and applied more spray to her mats & worked it in and let that sit while I did her nails. I started HVing her and had those felted areas blown into spider webs that I was able to brush out and far enough away from her skin that I didn't have to clip off her furnishings. I was actually able to leave her about 3/4" on her legs where she was so bad. And I didn't have to torture her to get it done, either


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      I've never thought it gums the coat up at all. It does get a little foamy, but that's normal. It's not suds, as in shampoo type suds. It's just the texture of the product.

      I always saturate the mats, then let it sit for 5-10 minutes while I work on some other area of the dog. Then HV the mats to spider web them. Never had any problems getting the mats out. But I also won't do major dematting, either.

      But the major thing I"ve noticed is the dogs that get Mat Out don't come back matted like they used to. Especially the cockers who always had matted legs. Now they don't.


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        Originally posted by bow_wow_wheels View Post
        Do you use a recirculating bathing unit?
        Where I work doesn't have a recirculating bathing unit, we use old fashion way; mix the shampoo with water then wash.(I always wash my dogs twice) I did worked for a grooming salon for a short period of the time and they were using recirculating bathing unit. I didn't work there long enough to figure this out : They never wash a dog twice. They told me recirculating bathing unit cleans dog much better than the traditional way, there is no need for a second bath. If that's true, why are you washing your dogs twice with recirculating bathing unit? Is it kinda pain in the butt to turn it on and off and get it going twice?