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    I live in RI and I was wondering if there are any grooming seminars coming to this area? I have been grooming for 5 years and am told that I am "awesome" but sometimes i just feel like I am winging it and I would really like to learn more. I know that there is Intergroom and Hershey this year. I have never been to them. What is it like? Are there seminars there? And are there any others in the New England area? Thanks and sorry that this post is kind of random and rambling.


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    Hi Erika,
    Yes there are seminars at Intergroom and Hershey, you can learn a lot at these shows. They have a big trade show where you can see all of the new grooming equipment and buy as much as your credit card will hold. The seminars are costly but worth it. There are also demonstrations on the trade show floor that can be quite informative. Hershey has the big creative grooming contest that is always exciting to see. There is also the New England Pet Grooming Professionals, NEPGP for short. They have a seminar and trade show. I didn't see it listed on the calendar so I guess they haven't set their dates for this year yet. You could try doing an internet search and see what you come up with.


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      There just was one in RI a couple of months ago.
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        Yes! New England Pet Grooming Professionals (NEPGP) has a show every spring! Sue Zecco is usually there. It is a very good show from what I hear. I think if you do a search you can find them but I don't have a web addy. I do have an email; if you'll email me through my profile I'll get it to you!


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          There is The New England Pet Grooming Professionals Incorporated (NEPGP) near you. check out their website, it will tell you more about them. They have seminars, trade shows, competitions; just like Intergroom and Groom Expo at Hershey but much smaller. If you were "awesome", I would suggest you to try competitions. It will help with your grooming skills, I wish I was good enough to compete.


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            NEPGP usually holds their seminar in Warwick. They just had it in November. I was unalbe to make it this year, but did attend last year. It is usually the first weekend of November. They have all kinds of seminars and vendors and competitions. They also have one in the Spring but I think it's more in the Taunton MA area.


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              Oh, try going to their website. I'm not sure but it might be It stands for New England Pet Grooming Professionals.


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                Hi Erika. I go to the NEPGP in RI show every year. They have great seminars. Well worth it, since u r in RI.


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                  New England Pet Grooming Professionals

                  I am assisting the NEPGP with a marketing campaign. I am trying to create a database for them by compiling a list of potential vendors, suppliers, and attendees to attend their upcoming events. I am not very familiar with the pet grooming market and would like some help. Does anyone know of local (new england) companies, suppliers, etc? Also, any ideas on WHERE to advertise upcoming events? Websites? Publications?

                  Could you please email me directly?

                  I would appreciate all of the help!

                  [email protected]