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If you put someone on your ignore list...

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  • If you put someone on your ignore list...

    what does it do? Does that mean they cant reply to you or email you? What if they are your buddy?

    Stephen Note: You don't ignore a buddy do you? It should reduce your viewing of the messages they post.
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    You have someone you marked as buddy but you want them to not reply to you? Let me get this right... it sounds like you need to not have them as a buddy. Unless you are preoccupied with them.


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      Stephen, I'm wondering if she means that the person was initially added as a buddy, but is no longer a "buddy," so to speak. lol

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        Oh No...sorry for the confusion...I just saw the buddy thing and was wondering the purpose of it...Im good with everyone thanks...
        Making Central Florida Pawsitively Purrfect since 2005.


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          buddy list???

          theres a buddy list on here? all i know how to do is read and post to the message boards LOL! other than that im totally lost!
          someone point me to where theres a buddy list? what other little features dog this new website have?


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            hehe, I'm always clicking on things, I figure I cant really break it and if I do Stephen can fix it!
            to add someone to your buddy list just click on their name and a little menu will pop up, just scroll down till you see add this person to your buddy list (or something like that)
            now I dont know what a buddy list does, I havent got anyone on my buddy list. anyone have a buddy list going??


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              Oh! I am glad you asked-I was afraid too LOL!! Yeah, just what does it do, Stephen? I was wondering that myself