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PetEdge Seeks “Technical Product Specialist”

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  • PetEdge Seeks “Technical Product Specialist”

    While we normally don't allow help wanted on the board, PetEdge is Diamond sponsor of and some of you may have an interest in this intriguing job opening you wouldn't expect to find so readily in our Help Wanted at So consider this...

    Are you an experienced groomer ready for a new career? Put your expertise to work for PetEdge, at our Topsfield, Massachusetts offices. We are seeking a professional, energetic, responsible person to help us with: hands-on training of PetEdge staff, answering in-house and customer questions about pets and grooming, and developing and marketing good pet-grooming products. Basic computer knowledge (Excel and Word) and internet-savvy is important, as you help maintain system information on products, cross-sells, alternates, promotions, and other related information. Some travel is required, to assist customers at grooming seminars, conventions, and shows. You must have excellent communication skills, be a team player, but also be able to work independently. Salary is commensurate with experience; at PetEdge you will also be eligible for full benefits, including medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401(k), paid vacations, flexible schedules, and more. To apply, please send your resume to [email protected] (no calls, please).

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    wow sounds like a great opportunity for someone. Too cold that way for me..I'm going south! lol


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      I just read this to my husband and then at the end I said, "All I have to do is move to Massachusetts. Nice. Talk about a long distance romance! lol

      Tammy in Utah
      PS: Pet Edge could really use a person like this, it's hard to understand grooming when you haven't "been there."
      Groomers Helper Affiliate


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        To me I love teaching,I love the idea of full "bennies",I also have been my own boss for so long that I don't like the idea having a boss! (lol ) I have also entertained the idea that my poor body can't do this for-ever;who knows? Not sure,big move,big change,think I will mull it over a bit.Think I already know my answer;lol!


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          I am not a team player, (hides head in shame), lol. I like things done my way.


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            Gee, im not too far away here in Rhode Island, but I don't think I have nearly enough experience grooming dogs to even get an interview. I will however when i get some extra cash i'll make a trip to thier warehouse for some good deals. I do love to teach!