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  • Guess I was wrong...

    Well I put it out there twice and still no response as to If there is or was ever even going to be a new grooming school here in Central Fla....I Guess it was just a silly rumor....
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    The news was announced by fauxpaws on the prior board.

    There is a New grooming school opening January 1, 2007 in the Orlando area it features all aspects of grooming and has a wide array of add-on services so students can learn what they like and don't like. It will be limited to only 8 students at a time so that the instructor has a close hands on approach. The new school has a self-serve dog wash area, a boutique area, a dog daycare, a nutrition area, it has mobile vans and I am sure there will be more. I know the instructor and some of my groomers thought she was the BEST instructor they had ever had and now she will be running this school. When I learn more I will share... not sure on cost yet. There will be some classes to meet your needs but by different instructors. There will be different seminars offered on different breeds for exisitng groomers but they will be taught by people who are proven champs in their area. There will be a well renowned Poodle Groomer, Kerry Blue Groomer, Bichon, etc. Plus, they will teach you what judges look for and work on timing... this will be beneficial for competing or for certifying. As soon as I get more details I will be happy to share. Also, it doesn't matter whether you groom in a salon or mobile everyone is a groomers and welcomed!


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      There's your answer Purr.. Very cool sound like it might be a nice school..
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        Thank You Thank You!!!!
        Now I know I saw a pic on here of a mobile with the name Faux Paw...time to do some searching, if I can figure out this new board...
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          wow thats great! I knew Paws I've heard of it somewhere...thats going to be exciting!! I will be moving to orlando in a few Im back and forth there now alot...wonder what you have to do if you want to be "employed" by the school? be certified? sure sounds like an A-1 operation!


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            Im a new user on another board and someone over there brought this to my attention...Faux are you out there? Do ya know more details yet?

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            There is a new grooming school opening in the Orlando area, the head instructor is an award winning CMG groomer and has been grooming for 18 years. But, here is what mankes this new school so different:

            Classes to teach grooming

            Interns at local Canine Dermatology clinic

            Interns with Canine Nutrionalist

            Classes for exisiting groomers to perfect skills for certfying and or competing.

            Seminars for self taught groomers to become School certified and "test" to receive school backing.

            Seminars by many top award winning groomers to help perfect different breeds.

            I will post more when I get the info. I heard that the tuition was going to be about $7,000. I hope this helps.

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              If you need more info you can e-mail me and I will forward you what I have.


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                Im trying to but it says mail return failure over and over...Im not as interested as I think some others are...why not start a new thread and share with everyone?
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                  I am not sure why your mail was returned, I wonder if for some reason you are blocked. I will check.