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    Is one of my nutty clients deciding to breed her Goldendoodle?!?!?!?! This is not a quality dog, it is a mix to begin with...not so nice of a temperament and a difficult coat to groom....I asked her why...she says "For Fun"


    Now I have a backyard breeder as a client, and I am SOOOOOOOO against this "just For Fun" attitude about breeding dogs....
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    So am I Paws, I feel for you lol I see that all the time here..the term "designer dogs" is a gimmick. When I go to the pet store, whick isn't very often, I always end up being nasty about it. Pugles? OMG ..whoever would want one? now don't get me wrong , I love both breeds, but the cross?I can't even remember now what it was that they had...but it would have been a nightmare to try and groom to look nice..makes me sick. and makes it very difficult when you can't make the dog look like anything because it has such horrible coat. its a shame


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      So glad to know Im not alone in this....anyone else? Im not sure how Im going to respond when these puppies arrive and she is squealing with delight over all her mutts....
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        I agree........

        I try to encourage ALL of my clients to spay/neuter their dogs......and I'll tell them the benefits.......many have NO clue. I groom this yorkie male, the BREEDER encouraged my client to keep him intact, so they could possibly show/breed him(the breeder that it). WELL, he has a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE aggressive nature, and my client and I have discussed this. Not only's the kicker.......he has a luxating patella. I've felt it pop in and out.......I don't know if they even realize this.



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          Been there, done that, got the t-shirt!!!

          I know a couple people who got (poorly bred, unregistered) Chihuahua pups recently and they keep telling me how they are going to breed "Tommy" to "Mica." For some reason, Mica's owner seems to think it's really neat to tell me and anyone within earshot that these pups "are gonna screw" and likely before they are both one year old. I'm thinking I can get through to Tommy's owner if I present her with some information from the Chihuahua Club of America about proper conformation, health testing, etc. and maybe then she can get through to Mica's owner. These people are not clients, because as I've been informed by both, "Chihuahuas don't need groomers." Wouldn't you know, I've also been informed by Mica's owner (smart man that he is), that Chihuahuas are "supposed to have underbites" as his little girl does... and on and on...



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            I have a client that wants to breed her Golden-Poodle too! I had my Standard in the shop the one day and she says her dog was in heat and would I breed my dog to hers!?!?!?!?! What the....? I was like..NO! First off, he's neutered and even if he wasn't I would only breed him to another Poodle.

            Her reason for breeding is for the benefit of her kids (good grief). Although she keeps mentioning every time she comes in that she bought the dog for $1,000 and would really like to breed her. So, I'm sure she is just seeing dollar signs.


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              So am I Paws. I worked really hard to become a reputable breeder. I hate backyard breeders. I am one of the few Shih~Tzu breeders that you can find a website on in Washington State ( ) and I did not start breeding for the fun of it. IT IS ALOT OF HARD TEAR JERKING WORK.
              I am always getting calls about studding out my Boys (not) in 5 years I have only done it once and she was shocked that I made her sign a contract, have her female tested for std excetra. I never advertise and all of my pups are sold before they come in to this world. WE are very strict on who they go to and play 100 questions with prospective puppy buyers. I've been called a b________ for not selling someone a puppy but hey that's ok nobody said that they had to like me.

              It is so important to only breed to improve the breed. I'm still waiting to get that perfect show puppy and I know that eventually I will, have been very close.

              but what I care about the most is that the babies that leave my home will be well loved and that the owners know that for whatever reason an Amadora Shih~Tzu puppy can always come home.
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                Ok, but at least you can give her some literature on a good chi and what is needed from both lines to properly and responsibly breed chihuahuaa. Maybe I can dig up something on Responible breeding, but certainly Im not going to try and find Goldendoodle Breeding 101 and try to encourage her...Like I said, I just don't know what it will be like when I have to smile and nod like I mean it over those puppies...Oh and here's another HAHA...She figures this massive dog will only have 2 or 3 big deal...Yeah right
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                  Pampered, don't you just love those kind of classy people. You should be glad, very very glad that they don't think Chich's need groomers...

                  Paws, you should tell this nutty client that before she breeds her doodle she should go to the pound "just for fun" and ask them how many unwanted pets are put down daily j"ust for fun"!! Oh wait, they aren't put down "just for fun" they are put down because of over breeding and over population and owner ignorance

                  OOOOHHHH people like that just make want to smack them and yell "WAKE UP".
                  SheilaB from SC


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                    Well, actually... I went to the Chihuahua Club of America's website tonight and ended up Emailing the president of the club ASKING when they plan to provide articles on Chihuahua health, health testing, breeding, etc. I kid you not, there was next to nothing there! Doing a search for random websites with credible info. will take forever considering all of the backyard breeders and advertisements.

                    SIGH!!! again!!!

                    Paws: Perhaps you could try both the Golden Retriever club and Poodle club websites for information and give it to your client. I KNOW has some fantastic information!


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                      Well, here's some info you can pass on to all those potential backyard breeders. For those who think it's fun, or good for the kids, or are just seeing dollar signs.



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                        oh I feel your pain.

                        I have a client who has a cocker and a rotti, they were bragging that they will soon breed the rotti to this huge male rotti.

                        I couldn't take it any longer because these people were looking for me to be happy for them. So I responded that I am not a fan of breeding when thousands of animals die every day in shelters.

                        They looked a little shocked at my response but then said well we think her pups will make us a lot of money. So I didn't say anything else, because the next thing I was thinking was "THEN STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT MY PRICES!!!!"

                        I only groom the cocker who poops about 5 times from beginning to end of groom. I am seriously just thinking of dropping them because I just don't like the dog or the people.


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                          Love those shihtzus!!! Beautiful, really beautiful, and I think you are definitly close to that one great dog/or bitch.
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                            I have a client who left my salon because I would not allow them to breed their malti-poo mix with my bolognese (pure bred baby)(that is now fixed or as my hubby says "broken" because God made them fixed and we break their organs:-)


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                              Speaking of Bolognese...I was at Petland today and saw one in person odd that we were just discussing this breed on another thread...
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