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Show ready cats with only Pin brush?

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  • Show ready cats with only Pin brush?

    HI, I am not a groomer but show Long Hair Exotics(Short hair too). I have had Grand Premier's. Not bragging, Just letting you know I can comb a Kitty . These cats are not the biggest fans of the Ashley Craig Greyhound brushes but they are alright. Then I was told by someone that has also had Grand Premier's they solely use a Pin brush for the entire job. In fact for all maintenance as well. Of course when showing after bathing, while drying. I have Chris Christensen Pin brushes. Of course I would never use a Slicker! I do not ever get matted cats because I keep on top of it. I ask this because the Kitty's vastly prefer the Pin brushes. In fact, enjoy them! Is it really possible to get a cat show ready entirely with a pin brush? If it is I will work on my technique. If it is not I am not even going to bother going that route. I am actually afraid in the long run they will end up matted. I have a Bravura just in case but that would be a tragedy! This looks like a very nice Forum and glad I found it! Thank you, Pat

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    I use Chris Christiensen combs (the cat comb and the face/feet comb) on my Exotic and Persians getting ready for show. I could see using pin brushes on longer, thicker coats if done at least a few times a week. But I would still use my face/feet comb for down the legs, feet, and around the head. A pin brush just wouldn't be able to get any little tufts out from those areas.


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      I completely agree. I meant GreyHound comb not brush as I said. I comb them every day. I just do not see how a pin brush will separate the hair enough not to end up all matted in the end. I could be completely wrong. The person I had spoken with does not use a comb except where you mention but uses the pin brush on the entire body. No comb at all on the body. Perhaps I just do not really understand the function of a pin brush. I am used to a GreyHound comb which separates the fur very fine with out any breakage. I am interested in this because I know they would prefer it. I guess the Pin brush is a massage to them. the comb is not their favorite thing. I don't have any problem grooming them but I would like them to be as happy as possible. I guess I will just try it for a few days and see if they start getting matted. I would not use it on exotic Shorthairs of course. I mean like very cottony Himalayans. The comb tends to pull them a little and it's not their favorite. I am very gentle and patient of course. the Pin brush is for thick hair which is why it was mentioned to me I guess. It will not do the job where you mention or on Shorthairs. Hmm. I'll try it. I do find the Chris Christiensen T-brush interesting but wonder why it is their least expensive brush. I have the Fusion pin brush and A Ashlet Craig one too. I thought I would mention I prefer the Ashley Craig GreyHound comb to the Chris Christiensen variant but both are top notch. Thank you for replying.


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        What I would do is start brushing the body with the pin brush to work through the coat and most of the tangles, then comb through to get the little ones(kitty probably wouldn't hate it as much if most of the cost is worked through) and finish with the pin brush again because the pin brush gives a nice finish but it can't exactly get the little ones. I wouldn't completely stop using the comb because you are bound to get matting and that would be so sad to end up with that damage. Do you use a spray while brushing? That would help a lot. I like the Nature'a Specialities spray and use it before brushing any coat.

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          Hi Pat! I have shown Siberians in the past. My newest girl.. sadly is mean in the ring hahahaha. Mean girl. I'm kinda sad because she's soo gorgeous. Siberians are triple coated!

          My mentor and friend only uses combs. Either AC or CC. The goal is to get the coat free of tangles while leaving as much hair as possible.

          Hahaha.. so glad you can comb a kitty. Believe it or not, some cannot. I start out with a pin brush, then move to an older Les Pooch brush.. I wouldn't even know which one to compare it to, but all my cats love it. Then I do use AC greyhound combs to finish. BUT that is not show grooming.. that's just plain, old home get the hair out grooming. I also have older AC combs... maybe they have changed as well.
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            Relying on a pin brush alone as the other responses are saying just isn't enough for some cats, but I have found them useful to get cats used to the activity, to varying degrees.


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              Hi KittyKatPat, I am a CFMG groomer, but got my start in the show ring. I also show both ESH and ELH, my cattery name is Marleevo. I personally don't usually use pin brushes at all, although I have used the cc wooden pin brush on select shorthairs to back brush just before going into the ring. If I were to use a pin brush on a longhair, it would only be during the show to "fluff" just before heading into the ring. To keep matting from occurring, I rely on frequent bathing. My show cats are bathed anywhere from once to twice a week and fully blow dried using a hv dryer with concentrator. I am currently showing an ELH boy I imported from Russia that is working on his grand. He has 129 points so far, with 108 of those earned in his first show as an open. I have also owned and bred CFA's first ELH National Winner in Premiership, GP,NW, GPD Marleevo's Bugatti. I also advocate the use of grooming sprays while combing through the coat. I was told early in my show career to never comb through a dry coat. I have used Coat Handler, Wahl D'Knot (recently discontinued), and Equus Premier.


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                CC combs for me.