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I want you to "simply make his fur like" . . .

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  • I want you to "simply make his fur like" . . .

    Do you ever get requests phrased this way?
    From an email about a Siberian cat . . . "I simply want his fur trimmed so it's the length he had when he was 2 years old." She wanted trimming of toe floof, fur on sides, long fur on tail, and tidy up the mane and then trim the rest of it to a 2-year old cat's length.
    What's funny is that groomer after groomer told her it's not a service that they offer -- they do lion cuts or baths, not trims -- and she's still saying she "simply" wants. If it were that simple, groomers wouldn't be turning away her money. Groomers don't say no just to be mean
    I told her I'd give it a shot, but couldn't guarantee it would look the way she wants. Haven't heard back from her.

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    My mom is siberian cat breeder, and ok so the "make him look like when he was 2 years old" is probably the length her cat had during summer!
    Here's the same cat on summer and one during winter

    As the breed is a natural breed, they adapt to weather so shed at summer and hair grows back for winter to protect themselves from cold.
    I wouldn't cut his hair at all, because of shedding and it maybe will make hair even thicker (just like a wire terrier dog you clip instead of stripping).


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      From the photos, I would do a 1" to 1.25" comb cut (I call them Plushies) on the body and neck and leave tail natural if owner wanted the summer look. The color of the trimmed hair would be lighter since cats have banded color on the hair shafts. This would be the main difference in the photo of the summer coat. Frenchie, the hair MIGHT only grow in thicker if shaved, not if using comb attachments. That would be like saying that if you cut the tips off the hair with a pair of shears from the body the size of a quarter, the hair will be thicker in only that one spot. Also, cats aren't like dogs, they don't tend to get clipper related hair growth issues like dogs do. They will however, have seasonal hair growth issues, just like in your photos. So if a cat is shaved in early to mid summer, the guard hairs may grow, while the undercoat does not, making the hair regrowth look abnormal, but same cat shaved in the fall will grow back in evenly because the undercoat is in active regrowth.


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        Thanks Frenchie and Aristocats!! Photo and ideas very helpful. If she does contact me again I'll be ready.