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Opinions about cat grooming book

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  • Opinions about cat grooming book

    I've gotten to the point where I'd like to share some of the things I've learned about cat grooming and also about running a house call cat grooming business. I'm thinking of putting together a book or a video presentation so that the information will be orderly. Before I get started, I'm curious about whether anyone is interested in this sort of book? What would you most want to know? I was planning to talk about how to minimize the time spent "running" the business; paring down equipment so as to carry less to each visit; and handling cats without a helper.
    There are very good resources out there already, like the NCGIA. I think I have a different approach that could be helpful, but want opinions because it's not for me, it's for other people

    Okay,what do you think? Why?

    "Yay! Do it soon! Love it!"
    "I'd read it."
    "Meh, not interested."

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    Okay, I think I have my answer, ha ha. No interest. I'm going to be doing some videos of grooming, so maybe that will be a better idea.


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      How about doing a blog? Maybe you can get a spot on There is probably interest; it's just that the internet has made everyone want information for free.


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        Do it but sure you have to have a blog and other promotions to get the word out. I know Kohl did his book but you could probably do a lot more.