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Grooming the elderly cat

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  • Grooming the elderly cat

    What do you do when someone calls you with an 18 year old cat that has never been groomed and now they want it shaved? I'm always a little leary when a cat is this old and has never been groomed before. I worry about thier health and can they withstand the stress of grooming.

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    I tell the owner that due to the cat's age, if we see any signs of stress (panting for example), I'll stop the grooming. I'll only do enough grooming to make the cat clean and comfortable, which means the cat may not look finished. It's a health & comfort grooming. I tell them that cat skin is very thin, and when cats age, the skin elasticity decreases, so it becomes even easier to nick them.
    As long as they understand all that, I do it, but I groom in people's homes not in a salon.


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      At that age, the cat has lost so much muscle mass, that the thin skin is extremely loose on the body, making it extremely dangerous to clip, then you put in the factor, that the cat has never been groomed. I would take my Bravura clippers (#10 blade) and just clip out the mats. I would then gently run water over the kitty, and if she tolerates it, go ahead with the degreasing bath, and a tearless shampoo for the head. I probably would skip the dryer and simply towel dry (tell owner this before hand) and comb the fur.

      Happy she called you and not me !!

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        Hmm, someone said one time I was like an old cat. I would agree to a gentle warm water running over me SMILE.


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          I do alot of cats, but I would kindly decline on the one you described. Reasons being 1. The cat has never been groomed, 2 The cat is 18 years old 3. The customer wants the cat shaved. This is what I would call a high risk groom because all of the elements for the perfect storm are there (including some unforseen) how will a cat respond to clippers, water and a dryer -that has never experienced this before? Remember this cat is 18 years old -that alone is enough to want me to ask this customer a few more questions. 3rdly - why are we shaving an 18 yr old cat - most likely because it is matted to the core. Combine this all with the fact that you will probably never see this client again and there you go.

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            There's a NCGIA online course on grooming senior kitties: