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Helping cat owners with allergies

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  • Helping cat owners with allergies

    I'm grooming some Ragdolls today. The owner is having allergy problems. I guess that the owner isn't usually very allergic to the cats, but right now it's bad.
    The owner asked me to bathe the cats. They only get groomed once a year, so even if it doesn't help with the allergies, it's a good idea.
    I do want to help the owner though.
    I'm going to use Hypo + Double K Shampoo. I'll be de-shedding and de-matting of course.
    I don't expect to eradicate the allergy problem, but hope to help a little temporarily to decrease the cat allergens.
    Any tips for grooming techniques or products to help keep allergens from coming back in full force?

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    If the allergies are getting worse I'd suggest she get someone in to deep clean her home and then install some grow air cleaning units. Also keep the cats out of her bedroom.


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      A once a year bath isn't going to help her the way she needs. A bath every 4-6 weeks at the minimum is a good place to start. She is allergic to a protein in the cat's saliva, so it spreads over the body when the cat licks itself. Then hair that is shedding out carries the protein around the house in the furniture, air vents, etc. Regular bathing removes the build up of protein from the cat and removes the excess hair before it gets a chance to shed all over the place.


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        And they should wear gloves for cleaning up the litter box, use big grain too.
        And when they touch the cat, wash their hands before to touch their face.
        Whatever the shampoo, when the cat is clean the allergy should be less important but they really need to clean up their whole house because even when a cat isn't in there the protein stays for months!
        If the owner's allergy isn't severe, he should go to a allergist and get a treatment!

        My mom breeds Siberians who are known to be hypoallergenic (doesn't mean no reactions at all) they produce less proteins in saliva/gland/everything and we got a bunch of allergic people who came over to test and they got no reactions, they could hold them, be in the room without any reactions and usually when they get in somewhere a cat lives they get severe reactions and not even by touching the cat!
        A bath at least every month, I would say too, plus ragdoll are shedding a lot and fluffy!


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          I gave the cats a good washing and de-shedding with hypo-allergenic shampoo. I hope it helps at least a little. I suggested she wipe down the cats once a day with a moist towel. She's not ready to schedule monthly visits, but is going to schedule 2 or 3 times a year instead of once, which is great. She was surprised at how much shed fur came off one of the cats. The allergies aren't so much of a problem for her family in the rest of the year as they are now.