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My boy pee on himself

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  • My boy pee on himself

    I mean he pees on himself while he's in the litter box, he doesn't use anything else as a toilet!
    Yesterday I gave him a bath, and now I noticed he had pee on one of his back paw, and on his back hair! Gosh he had white socks!! I don't want him to become yellow! And he's not really interested in licking himself, he doesn't smell yet but I'm afraid it become worse, and everywhere he sits he put pee on!

    He has XL litter boxes designed for big cats, he weights 7kgs (15lbs) so he's a pretty huge Siberian!
    The only solution I have found is to use wipes after he been to the litter box but I'm not here everytime!
    Do you think I should buy him larger litter boxes ?

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    You may as well buy him a larger litter box. It can't hurt, and may help.
    With Siberians and Maine Coons, I usually shave the rear end, the tail close to the rear end, the lower belly, and then I trim the fur on the rear haunches. It helps.
    I love Siberians so much.


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      Emma, I believe her Mom is showing this cat so no shaving.

      I use a large container that is designed to mix cement in. I'd have to measure it but it's probably about 36 inches long X 24 wideX 12 inches tall. Works great as I can make the litter really deep and he doesn't kick it over the sides

      I'm thinking perhaps if your cat could dig a deeper hole he won't wet on himself.

      Hope this helps


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        I didn't thought about how deep they have to dig! The girls are smaller, but they have more hair and they never have pee on herselves!
        Click image for larger version

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        He has that box the Size for big cats which is L 58 x l 55 x H 50 cm I'll try another litter too I use kind of Tidy clumping litter, they play with it the grain are too big! I don't even talk about crystal litters!! lol

        If he wasn't a show cat, I would have probably shave a tiny part of his butt but judge are really annoying with hairs!!


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          The best success I have ever had with a litterbox is a large rubbermaid tote with the lid kept on. We just cut a hole in the lid and it was amazing. Prevented litter from getting kicked out and my 17lb maine coon had no issues using it.


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            Is the litter box the one shown on your second post, the enclosed one? If so, try one that is open. Many cats feel confined in enclosed litter boxes and will contort themselves unnaturally, sometimes causing issues like this or of not wanting to use the litter box at all. Something like Whiskeyjack mentioned with a rim is fine as long as the area is still large with the rim in place. If you are still having issues after changing to a large open box, take him to the Vet for a urinalysis to make sure he does not have a urinary infection.


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              Yes that his! About 3 weeks ago, we did PKD scan but I don't know if you can see urinary infection at scan but shouldn't he bleed ?


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                If you have room in your house, you may want to use a small baby pool plastic of course

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                  GratefulDawg...the pool is a good idea too. I've seen that used before and it works nicely.

         the time you can actually see blood in the urine you REALLY have a problem. UA's will look for red blood cells, white blood cells, and crystals...things you can't see with the naked eye.

                  I agree with the others. It would be a good idea to bring in a sample.
                  It has always been difficult for me to obtain a urine sample from my cats. I've always just taken them to the vet and left them there until the cat "goes" and the vet gets a sample. Usually, this means they spend the night.

                  Good luck...I hope it's nothing serious and that a new, larger box will do the trick.


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                    Originally posted by Frenchie View Post
                    Yes that his! About 3 weeks ago, we did PKD scan but I don't know if you can see urinary infection at scan but shouldn't he bleed ?
                    PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) scans will only show if he has cysts in his kidneys, it will not detect infections, especially of the bladder. Bladder infections would be a more probable cause of urinating on himself than would kidney issues. Also, there may not be visible blood in the urine and possibly not any blood at all. Infections will have high bacteria content. Crystals (either struvite or oxylate) are the more common causes of blood in the urine. By the way, I was a Vet tech for over 30 years before starting my own business.

                    It wouldn't hurt to have a urine sample checked by your Vet just to rule out either an infection or crystals. If his urine is okay, then start thinking it is behavioral or that he just needs more room in his box (without a cover on top).


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                      I noticed today, he got dirty after going to the girl's box which is smaller than his box but I'll try one larger without cover