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Wet shave Persian went well.

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  • Wet shave Persian went well.

    I did a partial wet shave of a Persian today. He had a ton of coat, so first I quickly did a dry shave of the unmatted part of the fur so I wouldn't have to wash it all in the kitchen sink, then I washed him twice, then I wet shaved the rest using my Bravura and also a Mini Arco. He was matted in his groin and along the edges of his rear legs.
    It was my first time with the Mini Arco and the wet shave, but I was pretty happy with the experience. His mats were so tight to the skin that if I'd done a dry shave, I'd have been nervous about nicking him or giving him clipper burn.
    Doing the wet shave seemed to make the fur stretchy. The mats separated themselves from the skin during the wet shave, so I was able to get my clipper under the mat and either shave them off all the way, or use my ball-tip scissor to trim off the hard part of the mat.
    Even when I had to go over an area a few times, I didn't notice redness the way I sometimes do if I go over a matted area a few times while dry shaving.
    The blade didn't heat up, which was great since I usually have to keep touching the blade while shaving a matted cat to make sure I'm not burning the cat, and often have to change blades during the groom. Didn't have to do that this time.
    I'm looking forward to getting more practice with the wet shave and also the Mini Arco.
    Cat seemed happy afterwards. Gave me affection.
    Read about wet shaves here. Thank you for the information.

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    I just wet shaved my parents' matted doodle. I was able to use a 4 and 5 instead of a 7! I agree that it makes the fur kind of stretchy. And I didn't have to keep changing blades either. The finished groom didn't look awesome, but it got the job done and left a little length. I'm a fan, especially for those really, really tightly matted critters.