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Any tricks for a Persian will be soon showed?

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  • Any tricks for a Persian will be soon showed?

    My friend bought a Persian, (as my mom and I are showing our Siberians, she Wants to follow us on shows), he's a white solid with blue eyes.
    She wants me prepare him during shows, I already know how to sculpt the face, and I used a texture shampoo + white shampoo on him, no conditionner won't give the effect needed, but can I use power dry shampoo for shows ? To Clean hair under the eyes ? He's white so even after having his eyes cleaned every day, he still has yellow marks.

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    For removing the tear stains, applying a wet paste of boric acid powder under the eyes daily will remove current staining and keep it from coming back. I know Artero and Wampum were packaging boric acid powder for pets, but it is available more cheaply at pharmacies.