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    I enjoy doing claw trims, as long as I'm able to get a hold of the cat. My failed attempts are usually due to the cat being un-catchable and the owner being unable to get the cat into a carrier. Occasionally a cat is too wild. Sometimes I wonder if I should focus on claw trims, and make my full grooms less of a focus. More people can afford a claw trim, so I'd have a broader market than the market of people who can afford a house call cat groom. My potential market, even in a rich city, is much smaller than I'd like it to be. Owners can more easily see the value of claw trims because they want to protect their furniture. I charge enough to make it worth my while, which means I charge about double or maybe triple what vet clinics and salons charge for the claw trims, depending on travel time and cat's behavior. When all goes well, the house call claw trim takes me 15 minutes from getting in the door to leaving.
    Cute names for this sort of service?
    I wonder if I should start a separate website, and see if people respond to the idea of a claw-trims-focused cat service.

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    You might couple it with Soft Paws nail caps. In a city where fashion is as important as maintenance, it is a way to incorporate protecting the furniture with adding some "bling". When people have asked me if the caps irritate or hurt the toes, I will usually compare them to putting false nails on human fingernails. The caps come in a wide range of colors, even some glitter colors. I order mine from because they sell the refill bags with 80 caps for just over $14. You can also buy the glue and applicator tips separately. They also have kits and there is a discount if you are a member of NCGIA.

    You could call them "pawdicures", like I have seen with many of the dog groomers. I personally think the term is a bit overdone. Maybe go with "clawdicures" since it is cat only, and therefore more unique.


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      Thanks for the idea. I should try that.


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        I agree good idea


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          Thats a pretty good idea, plus that won't hurt their furniture at all besides the fashion look it gives!


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            That's a wonderful idea.
            It's not what you look at that matters; it's what you see.
            Henry David Thoreau