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Shaving matted, skinny cats?

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  • Shaving matted, skinny cats?

    Even though I'm a (house call) cat groomer, I don't do many shave downs. Most of my grooms are for clients whose cats get de-shedding, maybe a bit of a fur trim, bath and drying.
    I groomed a sweet, petite young Persian yesterday. The cat had a matted belly and underarms with very thick fur that was like plowing through snow with the clipper.
    I work alone, which is usually fine, except with skinny cats whose groins are matted. I haven't figured out an efficient way to hold the cat, stretch-out the skin to avoid nicks, and shave off the mats. Shaving a skinny cat's groin is like shaving the inside of a bowl. Whenever I do it, I live in fear of nicking the poor kitty, especially since even the sweetest cat can get wiggly during a groin shave.
    Do you have any suggestions for shaving mats in the groin area?

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    Have you tried the Wahl Mini Arco clipper. I like them for getting into tiny armpits


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      I haven't tried the Mini. Maybe that will by my holiday gift to myself


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        I love my MiniBrav by Wahl. I use it on small dog feet and to spot remove mats on small dogs or sensitive areas. I've nicked a poodle foot once while doing clean feet and that's it.

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          I would think one of the above mentioned minis would really help. You so reminded me of days when I used to do myself of course......shaving the groin area on a cat is like shaving in a fish bowl...especially a skinny cat with super thin baggy skin.
          Good Luck and let's us know which mini you went with and how well it works....ya never know I might just groom a cat again someday.....
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