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Funny ways to hold cats

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  • Funny ways to hold cats

    I visited a home where a squirmy young cat resided. The owner had hired me to trim the claws. I asked her to bring the cat to me. She picked up the cat and held it so that the front paws were on her shoulder and the cat's head was next to hers. This positioned the teeth and claws conveniently close to the face, should the cat desire to rip up mommy's skin. Luckily the cat only scratched up her hands when he started to flail around. The "over-the-shoulder-kitty-holder" hold. Not a good one.
    Then there's the "dirty diaper" hold. That's when the owner holds the squirmy or angry cat under the front armpits, with the rest of the body dangling. When they put the cat on the table using this hold, the legs go down first, which means the cat can use those strong back legs to push off the table.

    I tell owners to try the "football" hold, where they cat is pressed up against their body, with one hand firmly holding the loose skin around the neck and shoulders, and the forearm pressed against the cats's body.

    Have you seen any other funny ways to hold cats?

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    Upside down baby hold. The cat is on it's back with all four feet in the air and no control whatsoever by the owner. The cat us usually uncomfortable with this hold as well and the potential for a quick scramble can become flailing with all four sets of claws too close to the face.


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      I know the "upside down baby" hold, ha ha!