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  • An "aaww" moment

    There's a shorthair grey kitty I groom every 6 weeks. He's a love of a cat, but gets so stressed about his bath. But as long as I talk sweetly to him he's okay. I have to hold him very close throughout his groom. Today as I was drying him he reached up and put one paw on each side of my neck and buried his little face next to mine. He's such a sugar puss! Some people would never ever consider letting a cat they're grooming get that close to their face, but I do get close to the cats I groom. Keeping my body next to theirs often brings them a sense of security. I'm not careless about it and always respect whether the cat wants me to be close for comfort or for mutilation. LOL! With all the horror stories we hear about cats being groomed, I just wanted to share this moment I had with Grayson. I get lots of "moments" like this and it's the best reward I can imagine!


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    I also keep some of them close to me. I give them a lot of "breaks". I love grooming cats!! I do one every 8 weeks that was feral as a kitten and still really skittish. After grooming him for almost a year, he's better than a lot of the Yay for cats!


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      That is such a cute story. I was really suprised you let him get so close. They get such a bad rap in grooming, but once in a while you get such a sweetie.


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        I have one that I groom every 8 weeks. He loves to give hugs and hugs me all the way out to the van. Of course I have to pry him off when I get there. Once he is in the van he starts to drool. I will be blow drying him and brushing him out and all of a sudden he will jump up and give me a hug, with drool hanging out of his mouth, and running down my shirt. Yuck! I always kiss him and promise that he can hug me when I am done and have dried his mouth.


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          How sweet. I groom a few cats but do not think that I would get that close I touch talk and do alot of petting as well as holding while drying but the thought of claws by my face no I don't think so
          "Whoever Said That Money Can't Buy Happiness Forgot About Puppies"


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            That is absolutely adorable. You are so talented relating to cats! You could be the cat whisperer!


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              Cat Whisperer

              I agree with the last post...Seleste should change her name on this board to Cat Whisperer...if you agree, raise your paw, purr loudly and meow Aye.


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                I'm just sharing my passion!

                I'm thrilled we have so many cat lovers here! Woo-Hoo! This is awesome!

                Kim in SD, I bet you're really proud of how far you've come with that once-feral cat. And you should be. Heck, I'm proud for you because I know how much patience and love is required to bring a once terrified cat around to accepting grooming without incident. It's a major accomplishment and one that not everyone has the talent to achieve. Huge Purrs To You!!!

                Mary1980, I believe by keeping my body close to the cat it gives it a sense of security, but it also communicates to the cat that I trust it not to hurt me. Like I said before, I'm careful about it. I understand cat body language and vocalization enough to feel comfortable with my actions. I don't recommend it to anyone that is nervous or frightened of the cat as it will sense and react to that negative energy. plushpuppy, it's all about comfort level.

                My experience has been that if I treat the cat with kindness and expect the best, that's what I usually get. If I were to go into a groom thinking "this is gonna be war" then I'd be setting that tone.

                Misty, drooling is a sign of extreme stress for a cat. I've had a couple of these cats cross my path and it's always a concern. If the drooling is not accompanied by panting, fully dilated eyes and a rapid heart rate, then I would worry less. But add on these other signals and I would halt the groom and recommend possibly sedating. Stress is a big issue for cats and must be kept to a minimum for their health and safety. Many cats have died from extreme stress during grooming so we must do all we can to make it easier for them. I love that you kiss him and promise him a hug when it's all done. That's so sweet. And once again, a great way to pass positive energy to him.

                I used to groom a Maine Coon that drooled like crazy, but was otherwise fine for her groom. I bought a baby bib and kept it on her while I was drying her coat and once the groom was complete. This would keep her groom looking nice until it was time for her to go home. Her mom ended up buying a bib for her when she rode in the car after her groom, too.

                Luvkitties and toomuchfunbnme, y'all are so funny! LOL! Everyone at the vet clinic calls me the cat whisperer. I know I'm unique. It's about time my weirdness starting working for me!! HA!


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                  That is way too cute!

                  The baby bib idea is too cute! I will have to remember that one. Very good idea and once again, very helpful "need to know" kind of info!


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                    "My experience has been that if I treat the cat with kindness and expect the best, that's what I usually get. If I were to go into a groom thinking "this is gonna be war" then I'd be setting that tone." -seleste

                    This is so true and is also the way I approach the dogs I am grooming. I really prefer NOT to hear the horror stories some owners will share if their dog has been bad for another groomer as that will generally get you thinking in the back of your mind that you're in for it, too. Instead, I like to think of each dog as an individual and see how I can best get along with that dog even if our personalities don't mesh perfectly or one of us is having a bad day.


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                      Seleste, I groom a lot of cats and I really enjoy them ( One of the best compliments I can get is a head butt from a kitty I am working on. You know you are doing something right if a kitty lowers herself to show the groomer Kidding aside it does make you feel good to get feedback like that from a kitty. Don't get me wrong I always love a sign of affection from dogs too, but it is pretty rare to get it from a kitty so I appreciate it more.
                      SheilaB from SC