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Kitty in horrible condition

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  • Kitty in horrible condition

    Today I had a cat to groom, the poor thing was 19 years old, skinny, hadn't been groomed in a year, and of course had thin, loose skin. I feel awful, I nicked him all over, but I did the best I could I had to use my bravura in the 30 and 40 settings to get the mats off. To make matters worse, she was loaded with fleas as well.

    What do you do in a case like this? (Other than send it to a groomer that works in a vets office) Is there any way to prevent nicks? I did what I could, but there were times no matter which way I stretched the skin, part of it stuck up in the path of the clippers.

    I took pics to show the matting and I showed my boss and several coworkers the cat's condition just to cover my a--. I feel yucky though, I hope I didn't bring any fleas home on me.

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    Not only is that awful

    but the fleas can cause anemia and kill the cat. Happened to a buddy of mine's older cat a few years ago. He' never heard of the newer flea treatments. His other kitty that survived and got flea preventative was mess too, and I shaved it, and yep a nick, but not as bad as the slice he took when he tried to scissor it.
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      cats get to a certain age were that happens far too easy. I had a cat that lived to be 23. At about 19 he started to mat insanely. You could have him brushed and combed completely (no lie) and he would be 7-10 pelted in 2-4 weeks. Of course, old skin=skinny easy to cut. Probably the best thing would be to guard comb the kitty very often. That is of course if the kitty does not also have the old age hatred of being groomed.


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        Scully, the kitty was actually REALLY good for the whole thing. He didn't like sitting still or being on his side though, but he was one of few cats that has ever stood up for his groom. After I got part of the matting off he was so distracted cleaning himself I was able to work my way down one side quite a bit.

        Here are the pics I took, but be forewarned they aren't pretty.

        You can see some of the nicks that I'd already done, I felt like such a bad groomer. I showed the owners a greyhound comb and told them at least once a week to comb him out, the wife said he had been her mothers cat, so it could be they just didn't realize the care that goes into a longhaired cat.


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          Oh! poor baby!!! Don't worry about the nicks, he's probably thanking you for removing those matts - the reason he was so good

          How can people do that to pets; let them get in such bad shape! I guess I'll never understand.


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            Wow!! Sorry it took this long to get back, good job though. Grooming a cat that old and pelted-nicks are to be expected.


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              Minou, in their defense they inherited the cat. However, they should have known to bring him in much sooner!

              He did seem grateful, he started cleaning himself feverishly while I was clipping like he was so happy to be able to have skin again!


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                Cat grooming- Horrible condition

                Don't feel bad at all!Think of the favor you did for the cat.I do 3 or 4 cat shaves a week, and have seen matts so bad that the skin has begun to break down under the hair.When they get that age, it's a shame the owner doesn't just keep them short all year round.You are a groomer because of your love for animals.You did great, and I'm sure the owner loves it as much as the cat.


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                  Oh heck girl dont feel bad about nuttin'. That cat was in such bad shape. Bad flea problem to boot. You did a fine job.
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                    Yuk, with all those flea eggs.....

                    The cat must have tape worms! He needs to see a vet asap!So glad Az doesn't have fleas. Well, some from other states, but I never have clients w/ dogs that do.


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                      First off you never use and adjustable blade to shave a cat. the teeth are too wide and you will nick the cat. If you nick it once and then twice you know that blade is not going to work . Take your time get a new blade You have to use a regulare 10 or 40 on a skinny cat. never a 30,15 ,9 or a seven in this case to dangerous. Have the owner stay and help to assist you the safty of the animal and yourself is important . this may take longer but it is better than nicking them all over. Just charge for your time and when the owner is their and sees how difficult this is, edjucate them as well and they wont let this happen again . Owner dont understand that it is worse not to groom them is not doing them any justice than to keep up with them once a month at a more reasonable price and the safty of their cat . the old ones deserve to feel good and clean in the last year or months of their life.


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                        [QUOTE=A personal Touch;89576]First off you never use and adjustable blade to shave a cat. the teeth are too wide and you will nick the cat. If you nick it once and then twice you QUOTE]

                        You have to buy the Bravura blade that has wider teeth. The normal blade. is fine for shaving cats. It is all I will use to shave a cat. But a 10-15 is as short as I will go usually. If the blade is dull it will not go through , I have never had the Bravura nick due to dull blades. Also try wet shaving while soapy that helps the blade go through too. You could have him all soaped up in Flea Shampoo or Dawn and start his haircut too. So you don't feel like live fleas are jumping around, while you inch his hair off.


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