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wheres celeste?????

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  • wheres celeste?????

    has anyone heard from her,i have a cat question but havent seen her on here in a while,maybe just busy grooming kitties,i need advice on shaving a cat against the grain per owners request,has anyone done this,will it damage the coat?

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    I'm here!!


    I have never groomed a cat against the grain. We were taught in school that the safest way to shave a cat is #10 with the grain because the skin tears so easily. That is the only way I have done it (I also use clipper vac so that automatially makes it a little shorter anyway). That is the only way I would recommend doing it.

    Why is the customer asking for it against the grain?

    Has anyone else had experience in cat shavedowns against the grain?


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      The only reason I could think of would be to get it super short. Maybe you could try a #15?
      I have used a #30 on a rescue case, but I was terrified of cutting the poor thing.


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        i suggested a 15,but nope he wants against the grain,i guess his old groomer used to do it that way,doesnt have to shave it as much,i told him i wasnt comfortable doing that to any cat,hes going to bring cat in for a consult,but hes very adament(sp?)about it,but no i dont want to do it,just wondering if anyone else has done it
        glad to see you on here seleste,havent seen you on in a while but i havent been on as much either
        thanks guys for the advice


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          YOu can go ATG as long as the cats skin is of the thicker variety. You get a smoother cut and of course it does go shorter. If you arent comfortable doing this though, DON'T because as you know if you aren't comfortable that is when accidents happen.

          Is the Celeste that answered you the same Seleste who is our resident cat expert. If so, when did you change your name girl????
          SheilaB from SC


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            Yes, you CAN go against the grain with kitties, but like Sheila said only with kitties that are thicker, don't do it on a boney little cat.

            What I do is let the cat sit in that sort of balled up position, with their feet tucked under them. This stretches their skin very well without any help from me. I use my #7 with the clipper vac against the grain ONLY on the solid parts of the body, like the back and sides, etc. Then I use my #10 WITH the grain to do the belly, inside legs, down throat area, etc....

            So the owners see a nice smooth kitty but the really dangerous areas are done with a #10 which makes lines all over the kitty.

            Don't be afraid, just be careful. You can cut a cat with a #10 very easily as well.

            Tammy in Utah
            Groomers Helper Affiliate


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              If smooth is what you are going for get you a pair of Wahl Bravura's
              If short is what your after I have done a 10 reverse. I don't like using anything but a 10 on cats but that's me. Usually I use 10 with the grain. It will not damage the coat anymore than shaving WTG will damage the coat. I have seen Persians not grow back correctly due to being shaved. When a vet does surgery they have to shave a cats hair off with a 40-50 ATG soooo if they can do it.....


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                I only go against the grain, with the Clippervac. Even with a 15 year old with its spine sticking out, I just pull the skin tight. I precut all of the hair off with the grain then bath then finish against. It seems to to work much better. But I can't seem to get any dog or cat to look good when going with the grain with a blade.


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                  I don't groom cats; however, I was taught in grooming school to only use a #10 with the grain. If I were you, I would refuse to groom the cat unless the owner agreed to having it groomed the way you are comfortable grooming it. After all, you have the liability if something goes wrong.


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                    hi from seleste with an "S"

                    I sure have missed chatting with y'all. Crazy hectic life and just not enough hours in the day. I'll post more about that in the 'off topics' forum.

                    I have shaved against the grain with a 10 (no clipper-vac). It leaves it sooooo short, but yes very smooth. Absolutely the risk of cutting the cat is increased dramatically. I usually hold my breath while I do it. LOL!

                    I think its wise that you scheduled a consult with this potential client before agreeing to do anything. It's imperative as professionals that we follow our instinct, experience and wisdom. If you don't feel comfortable doing it, don't.

                    The determining factors for me would be:

                    1) Weight - It's always so much easier on a fatter cat.
                    2) Temperament - Shaving even WTG is too dangerous when working with an out-of-control, overly aggressive cat. AGT is just asking for trouble. The cat would have to allow me to safely restrain and handle it or I would say no.
                    3) Indoor only cat - Shaving that close leaves a cat too exposed for outdoor activity and not many cats I know will happily wear a t-shirt for protection.
                    4) Comfort level - Even with a naughty cat, if the connection is there and I believe I can handle it, I'll proceed. Also the rapport with the client. There has to be mutual respect and trust.

                    Good luck with this and let us know the outcome of the consult and the groom, if you agree to it.



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                      cats againts the grain

                      I have been grooming cats for 23 years and have never shaved a cat with the grain. I always go against the grain no matter if I use a 10 or a 7 I have on a occasion used a 40 only when I cant get anything esle threw it and only on matts and I have had severly matted cats. It leaves a better finish agains the grain and you can groom them faster because it takes the hair off better. As you know cats are only patient for so long before they start to react I always shave them as though I am on a finish. Most of my cats I dont give baths to I still charge a lot of money because they are dangerous to do . If the hair doesnt grow back right then it is because their is a medical condition , lack of vitamin ect, I have tested this on my own cats . So every thing I talk obout is threw my own experiences . Remember that shaving a cat can be very stressful in the calmest enviorment and can induce a already exsisting medical condition or skin condition so sometimes it good because it can be cought before it gets out of hand.