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  • snap on combs for cats

    does anyone use snap-on combs for shaving cats, is it safer than using a straight metal blade. I really enjoyed bathing my first cat and want to promote more services to cats, I know they can be dangerous, but this one was a sweetie. thanks for any help you can give!

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    I use the Wahl Series over a #30 blade. As long as kitty is dry and brushed out thoroughly, they work great. You still have to be careful to not catch a fold of skin from the armpit/groin area, in between the comb or you can still nick them with the blade. I use mine with a Taxi Vac, I don't know how nice they would come out without one??


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      Most of the cats i groom would not sit still or cooperate well enough to use a Clip comb. is there a trick to it? I had a very well behaved persian once and even though she was clean and dry and tangle free I just could not make her look even at all using a Clip comb.


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        I agree, I have yet to make a snap on look very good. It seems to take wayyyy too long! You have to go over them a bazillion and one times. I always say it's all or nothing, but being one of a handful of groomers in the state that does cats, I'd love to be able to offer actual haircuts.
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          My boss will use them, but she will make people aware that it may not look smooth. There hair is so soft and cottony it can be hard to get a smooth look. The same goes for the longer blades (3, 4, etc.)
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            I can groom a cat a lot faster with a snap-on comb than with a blade---and when I use a blade, I personally only use a #7 reverse on the more solid areas of the body only, or a #10 with the grain. When I use combs I just start at the bottom and work my way up toward the head. I scruff the cat if I need to, and stand the cat up on its hind legs for the belly. The combs work great, and they're safer than blades.

            I use the clipper vac, this helps a LOT with getting a more even clip. Especially clipping in reverse. I always tell the owners it will not be smooth like a dog's haircut usually is, and I also tell them it will take the shine off the coat, leaving more of a mat finish. That way they're not too shocked, lol.

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              I like kitties in a #2 attachment comb -- that comb seems to come out the smoothest of most lengths. I normally blade the entire body and then use whatever blade (or attachment comb) reversed on the inside of the back legs, belly and bottom two-thirds of the legs. (Don't do hips or shoulders reversed) With any attachment combs longer than the #2, I use one step shorter on the legs and belly. So if I "O" the body, I then #1 comb the legs & belly. Sure smooths out better and saves a bit on scissoring time. I like to be able to scissor as little as possible on cat legs because that's what they usually hate held the most!