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    I currently am dog groomer and have been getting this itch to learn how to groom cats ,I turn down so many clients who ask me if i do cats. If i go ahead with it i would want to attend schooling for it because i want to know as much as possible. It seems the only place that offers the course is in S.C. I am located in Canada so this would be a very costly 2 weeks for me , so i want to make sure that it is good and worth it I don't want to be finishing the course with no confidence. Has anyone taken the course through NCGIA??

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    I haven't BUT I have taken seminars of Danelles, they alone are so amazing that I cannot even imagine what it would be like to take her classes at school, but hopefully I will find out at some point this year!


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      If I was going to go to cat grooming school I do believe that the one that's here in Greenville,SC is the one I'd choose. Danelle is an awesome cat groomer and that is her specialty.I forgot to mention how professional she is and she's just a great lady. I don't see me ever doing it but if I did that's the place I'd go. JMHO I'm sure there are other opinions. Seems to me that someone was just on here a few weeks ago talking about another cat grooming school but I don't remember the specifics. Perhaps they'll see your thread and enlighten you. It might be closer to you. Also, you might talk to the folks at whatever school you go to about housing while you're there. They may have some kind of special deal worked out for their students. That's the way it was when I went to Dog grooming school.
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        Hi K9,
        I'm not going to give you feedback about the NCGIA school because I am very biased about it

        However, that being said, since I'm not sure if any past students are here on this board I am suggesting you call the school office and request some email contacts for students who have already attended. There was even a student from Canada who attended our first class in Jan/Feb. I'm sure she would be happy to provide the info you are requesting.