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Shampoo Suggestion Needed, Cat with Dermatitis

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  • Shampoo Suggestion Needed, Cat with Dermatitis

    I was curious what shampoo and/or conditioner ya'll would recommend for a cat with Miliary Dermatitis. For those that don't know, it's scaly, dry, crusty, flaking bumps. My cat's condition is generalized. He is overweight so he has to be bathed regularly anyway.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I work at a vet clinic so i use a medicated shampoo, aloe and oatmeal shampoo, and the best invention yet, sebazol. They are expensive, sebazol is about 25$ for a tiny bottle but it works miracles.

    I'd recommend going to your vet and talking to them about a Sebazol shampoo or other shampoo's that would be good for your cat.


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      yeah sebazol is good. Also Malaseb shampoo or even Medacedic from Les Poochs - I think that would be worth a try. I might alternate the two and bathe 1-2x per week for about 2 weeks and then begin to spread out the baths to be less frequent.


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        One of my cats is notorious for Miliary Dermatitis.. and I'm bad.. I want to pick at the scabbies! I find that when she has them.. she usually has fleas or a flea. I give her a flea bath, then a couple of days later, put Advantage on her. Then it goes away. My cats are Siberians and have pretty thick coats.. no way I could ever find a flea. She lets me pick at her scabs (I know I'm a sick puppy).. but turns into a demoncat when wet!!

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          Lav-n-Derm by NS is awesome! This shampoo works wonders on cat's skin. I use it on all the crusty cats that come in(and the flea kitties), I usually do two shampoos It works wonders, i have used everything under sun and nothing compares to this shampoo! Plus the Lavender seems to calm them a bit or at least me anyway!