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  • Cat Shampooing Question

    Why is that when I shampoo certain cats (mainly Maine Coon Cats) do they look greasy after? I don't use conditioner, just the Furminator Deshed Shampoo to hydrate their skin? Is there a specific cat shampoo/conditioner that any of you find works really well and doesn't leave this greasy look? Thanks.

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    Le Pooch F&T - can't beat it.


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      If they're greasy before the bath, use some corn starch or corn flour first, work it in, brush it out, then bathe. I use Grimeinator or Groomer's Edge Alpha White. The Alpah White is just Grimeinator with brighteners added.

      It's also important to soak, if possible. Not all kitties are up for this, however, and it's best not to push them too far. But if you can, let them soak for 10 minutes before rinsing.

      And that's the other important thing. Rinsing. Try adding a cup of vinegar to a gallon of warm water and use as a rinse. It'll cut any shampoo residue and coat oils that will leave kitty looking greasy.


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        I learned at a cat seminar recently taught by Adrienne Kawamura of City Kitty that you should always shampoo cats twice. Once with a degreaser and then a second time with another kind of shampoo. Since I've started doing this my cats have all turned out fluffy and smelling great.


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          avoid and type of conditioning products for cats, deshedding shampoo is formulated with extra oils and conditioners to help remove excess hair.just an every day cat safe shampoo should do the job without making the cat oily. Personally I think the furminator products leave the coat feeling leave to much residue for my liking.


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            I use Earth Bath Hypoallergenic on cats. No colognes or conditioners.


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              The shampoo you are using is not good for cats if you want them to look nice and be degreased. Use the LP F&T and follow up with Hypo. You need to really scrub the shampoo in well - be very thorough, especially down the legs.