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Tips for deshedding a British Shorthair?

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  • Tips for deshedding a British Shorthair?

    I have a new client on Friday with a British Shorthair. I have met a few before and know that their coat is super dense...she has been groomed in a shop before but never in a mobile. She says the cat sheds a my question is a) any tips on how to deshed this kind of coat and b)I am worried about being able to wash and thoroughly dry this kind of cat in my mobile. Any tips???? This is really my biggest worry about doing cats in a mobile....being able to get them totally dry with the power dryer and not having them freak out.....

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    Just like any cat, I would do as much combing pre-bath as possible and get the kitty ULTRA clean, if you have a furminator that could be helpful but use a light hand. I have been using shamwows lately on kitties and it really makes the drying go faster. I find if I do not get that cat super squeaky clean they look greasy while I dry. I will even use a toothbrush to scrub the legs and toes and cheeks where that hair is super short and dense. Scrub well and let them soak a bit in deep cleaning shampoo and follow up with a hypo one. Rinse, rinse, rinse. I put cotton in their ears while drying and also do the nail trim while wrapped in shamwows, but you may very well want to trim the nails before you do anything. I use the blue mini shamwows to wrap under the head and gather at the top with a bow rubber band, makes em' look like a big blue onion, helps suck moisture from the cheeks and adds a noise barrier like a happy hoodie. I groom one, but I really think he is a mix. He has a very dense coat and is so allergenic to me I have to use my albuterol inhaler before working on him! He is also polydactyl and his owner only like his nail barely tipped so he can 'defend himself' from the other cats...oh boy. I typically do not use conditioner on cats at all, but lately I have also been adding a touch of Chris Christensen Coat Dressing at the end to help with static and make the coat lay separated and fluffy, plus it smells amazing.