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cut my kitty!

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  • cut my kitty! happend. it was enivitably bound to happen sometime...i cut my kittys armpit! i was going to shave there and had it all good and he thrashed and happend. he squeaked, i stopped and i was like oh ****. hubby went what? i said i just cut him open. and he saw the muscle and got grossed out. (tg it was the armpit skin though!). so i called a friend who does cats and she told me what to do (i thought it was going to rip further but it didnt.) so all is good now.
    kinda scared to resume though!

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    Cats get cut it going to happen their not dogs. I worry about this all the time. Keep us updated on how he heals I would like to know.


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      its all healed up fine! tg for my friend lol! hubby was freaking out because you could see the muscle of his arm under it (well thats were the skin was posistioned at the time) and he wanted to take him to the vet (not that we can afford a vet bill!). tg for my friend!
      so he is all fine and dandy...but my only worry is if im doing someone elses kitty and cut them!
      gah! my own its one thing but someone elses....i dunno what id do!


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        kitty cuts

        What did you do, 1st aid wise, for the cut? Did you apply a sealant?
        Glad it healed fine!