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  • Super Nice Cat

    If all cats were as nice as the kitty I had today, all groomers would be doing cats.
    This cat started purring the second I picked her up and didn't stop purring. It was a matted mess (The owner tried bathing it herself) The only thing I was worried about was the cat was trying to clean itself while I was trying to shave it. I was worried it would lick the clippers. Bet you don't hear that one much when it comes to cats.
    I wish there was enough business up here to be an all cat groomer. But I am luck if I get 2 a week. Last week I had 4, this week 1.

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    Sorry Julie I didn't see this sooner. I've seen a few cats help you to clean them up by licking themselves like that. It's an odd thing but I really think they're "helping."

    I had one cat that the owners were SURE I'd have to knock out, because the last groomer had, and because she's so nasty at home. Well, she would hand me a paw, hold it out for me, no problems, she was quite helpful. The owners were shocked. So was I, I am not a "cat person," though I don't like seeing them hurt, I a much more capable of reading a dog than I am a cat. I am really learning to like cats though.

    I also have a 3 legged cat that I tell the owners, "She's better behaved than all the cats I groom and I wish all the dogs I groomed were as sweet and well behaved as this CAT is!"

    Tammy in Utah
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      thankfull cat

      I groom in a vet clinic stricktly as a groomer. We get the cats that need to be completely sedated.
      I had to shave a persian cat that was encased in at least a 1 inch thick matt. The owners just new that he was gonna have to be sedated.
      Well first I tried clipping him without any sedation. I started under his chin and freed his neck from the matt. He started purring and trying to help me by licking the clippers also. I ended up shaving the whole cat without any sedation. The cat was very naked(had to use a#40 blade), he didnt look pretty but he sure did feel a whole lot better. He couldnt move very well with that big matt he was encased in. Great cat! I think he knew I was helping him. I savaed the matt for a few days for proof just in case the owner would try to complain. She didnt.


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        Originally posted by TAILSRWAGON View Post
        I wish there was enough business up here to be an all cat groomer. But I am luck if I get 2 a week. Last week I had 4, this week 1.
        My boss has always said that if there were a call for it in our area she would become an all cat groomer! She loves doing it, you can charge more, and it is generally quicker.
        Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones