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how to shave skinny cats

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  • how to shave skinny cats

    how on earth do you guys shave skinny cats with lots of extra skin hanging about without nicking them? im talking about one of my own boys that i shave...he is skinny, has alot of extra skin hanging about (so lots of chances to nick) and...he has a low tolerance for staying still for the shaving part lol. meaning he struggles and pulls away and everything. now my chunky monkey boy is easy...i can get him done in 10 mins flat and he looks nice! tucker on the other hand....took 20 mins and he looked like ****! i had to finish him a couple of days later...and even then it was a struggle! so...guys help me out on earth do you do it?

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    I use a can of tuna as a "restrainer" for my cat. Works great at keeping her attention focused so that I can use one had to pull skin taunt and the other to shave. (She has a lot of skin too.) Otherwise you may need someone to help hold so you can really hold that skin taunt while shaving an area. When I groomed at clinics I would have someone scruff the cat with one hand, use the other hand to hold the two back legs, lay the cat on its side and stretch the body, not hard but enough to stretch out that loose skin. That really helped and I had very few cats resist this restraint, in fact I would say most calmed down when in this position. Its awkward having another set of hands there, but it did help with those loose skin cats.


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      dosnt work lol. i have hubby help hold...and tucker just fights and twists himself around lol. so...its tough! guess he is just not gonna look the greatest eh?