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Dematting a cat.

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  • Dematting a cat.

    The salon that I work at now requires that I get "cat certified" with them before even touching a cat. So i recently became cat certified. I have done many cats in the past. Big cats, little cats, mean cats, nice cats, etc...

    An older couple makes an appointment with me to groom their long haired cat. They explain that their cat has matts, and the salon manager (who is the only other person to be cat certified) tells them that cat matts brush out easier than dogs and we could probably brush it out. I wasnt there for that conversation, but she let me know once the customers arrived. The woman explains to be that the cat HATES this and I probably wont finish. The cat is actually a very nice cat and so the woman is convinced that I am some kind of cat genius. The matts are not very large but not very small, and they are right on her skin. I start taking my soft slicker and lightly brushing the cat all over. The SM tells me that there is no need and takes a comb and just pulls the matt out! This leaves a bald spot the size of a quarter on the cat. Completely bald. The customers are ok with the cat having bald spots. I allow her to do two more matts on this cat, before I let her know that I can take it from there. The matts that she pulled out left red bald spots. I asked the customers since they were ok with the bald spots, could I just shave out the spots that had matts. They agreed, because I am the cat genius. I shaved them out and everyone was happy. I asked the SM what her thinking was as far as just yanking the matts out and she says that spending time with the slicker would have just annoyed the cat.
    My question here is... How do you all normally go about dematting a cat? I would have liked to not shave out all the matts, but I couldnt see myself just yanking out all her hair with a comb. Any advice would be helpful.

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    Okay, your SM is an idiot and needs to have someone snatch hair out of her head and leave a bald spot!!! Boy, I wish that cat had turned psycho on her, it would have served her right!!! The only matts I brush/comb out of cats are if they are loose and clumpy and if they brush easy. I never dematt a cat that has tight matts. Not only is it mean but you could tear their thin skin!

    You did the right thing, there is no need to torture the cat for the same results you would get from clipping out the matts! JMO
    SheilaB from SC


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      I have found that combs brush mats out easier than slicker brushes. I try to pick the mats apart before combing away from the skin so that you aren't yanking on a big huge mat. Their skin and hair is different from dogs so it releases the hair easier.


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        Dematting a cat

        I have found in dematting a cat, bald spots are usually the result. If there weren't too many and the cat wouldn't have ended up looking like it had had chemo, I would shave them out, otherwise a complete shave or if poss. a lion cut.



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          dematting a cat

          siotehcat, when dematting a cat with mats very close to the skin as the one your sm combed or should I say pulled off the skin that is normally what happens. The hair may not grow back in that spot not to mention the pain associated in pulling the hair out by the roots. Also when the mats are extreamly tight and you clip them out that spot might not grow back. A vet once told me that is trama to the skin and causes hair loss. When the mats on a cat are that tight I always tell the owner that it is the most humane to their pet to clip the mats out and also that sometimes the hair will not grow back but it needs to be done to prevent further damage to the skin. In answer to your qustion yes clipping would have been the best way to go in this instance.


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            i dont dematt tight matts on dogs or cats,if there loose yes,but not tight to the skin,its not the pets fault,so to me shaving is the most humane,i do love to use refurbish conditioner,on long haired cats works great


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              OK, when I used to groom cats, the easiest way to de-matt long haired cats is to get them lathered up and de-matt them in the tub, the shampoo (dawn) lets the matts slide right out. I had a screen I'd put the cats on so they could "cling" to it instead of me! It worked out great w/o bald spots.