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    hey guys im intrested in learning how to groom do i go about doing this?
    both schools that ive they offer a distance learning course or is it all hands on?
    or do you just order the workbooks and take the tests and send them in?
    how does this all work?

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    I'm not sure what 2 you are referring to when you say "both" cat grooming schools as there is only 1 that I am aware of. There are certification organizations and then there are schools. The National Cat Groomers Institute of America, Inc. is both a certifying organization AND a school.

    The NCGIA will have the first session of their cat grooming school this spring. There will be one 2-week course offered each month. The course will cover such topics as building a cat grooming business, understanding feline breeds, colors, and coat types, recognizing health issues and diseases, understanding feline temperaments and having confidence with handling skills, knowing which products, tools, and equipment work best to achieve outstanding results, and having the ability to perform all grooming elements necessary for all breeds of cats. The course will involve a great deal of hands-on practice with cats of all temperaments.

    The NCGIA ( currently has a certification program that requires the passing of 9 exams (4 written and 5 practical). The school course is geared toward equipping each student with the skills and knowledge to pass all exams and thereby earn their CFMG (Certified Feline Master Groomer) title.

    The school is located in downtown Greenville, SC, within walking distance of the downtown's parks, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. The school facility is being upfitted to include dormitory housing for those wishing to stay on-site and save on housing expenses.

    It should be noted that while the NCGIA school is meant for providing the training needed to ace all exams, instill confidence, and build both knowledge and skills, the course is not necessary for one to become a CFMG. Study for all 4 writtens can be done using the 4 corresponding study packets as well as the breed and color flashcards. (The Ultimate Cat Groomer Encyclopedia would also be helpful but is not required.)

    Practice is definitely needed for passing the practical exams. And of course, it is necessary that one know what the standards are that will need to be met. Usually this can be observed by attending one of my lectures or watching our DVD series. A few students have been able to pass most of their practicals by doing both of those and then practicing what they have learned. We do recommend that some hands-on instruction take place before attempting to take any practicals.

    There is a lot to cat grooming. And of course the more knowledge and confidence one has, the better a cat groomer they will be and the safer it will be for both cat and groomer. I would be leery of any type of groomer training that does not require some sort of hands-on instructional training, especially when it comes to handling cats.

    We have several CFMGs that have already done through a week of our PPI training who are also signed up to attend the school simply because they want to be better at this than they already are.

    Take a look at the website for more info. In the coming weeks we will add more info about the school.


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      thanks! the school isnt an option for me as im in IL...but i probably would be able to attend a trade show if there are any in the IL area coming up with in the year or so.
      thanks again