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Cat Grooming Seminar - suggestions?

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  • Cat Grooming Seminar - suggestions?

    I love trade shows and CE classes, but have been consistently disappointed in the lack of attention cat grooming receives. When a class is offered, it's typically only an hour long and that's simply not enough time to cover a good amount of relevant, useful information. Last year I spoke at the US Pet Pro Classic and had 3 separate classes. I was able to cover a lot of information, but still felt like there was so much more I wanted to share.

    So, I've been working on putting together a day-long presentation about cat grooming. Something probably 9:00am-5:00pm that I will host here in Dallas, Texas. Topics will include: behavior, environment, body language, vocalization, restraint and handling, coat styles, grooming techniques and more.

    I need your input on topics you would be interested in learning more about in regards to cats and their grooming needs. I know the demand is there for more quality cat grooming information and I'd love to be able to help others enjoy cat grooming as much as I do.

    The seminar is still in it's infant stages, but I'm planning on a mid to late summer time frame. Thanks for your ideas and suggestions.


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    i wish i could go,would love too,ive been grooming cats almost 9 yrs now,and let me tell you i still have lots to learn,when i went to school,i was taught never ever take sissors(sp?)to a cat,never shave pads,but i get this request alot,if i was going to a class,i would like to know if you could safly shave out pads,and learning to use clip on combs on cats,i use them on good clients,that i have been doing for several years now,and friends cats,but i hate the way it comes out all choppy,and to get better at doing cats when im by myself,bath cats no problem,but haircuts it seems like i need that extra hand,well good luck cant wait to read what others say


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      I for one, would love to listen to a lecturer that actually likes cats. I went to the cat class at the Atlanta Pet Fair and was very very very disappointed. It was very obvious that the speaker did not even like cats. I mean come on, if you don't like cats, how in the world do you think you can give a talk about cats. The speaker was negative, argumentative and down right cranky. She needs to hang it up and I was not the lone person thinking that!

      If you have a passion for cats, then I want to hear what you have to say!!!!! Give us enough of a notice of the date, so that we can save up for this class!