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I'm grooming cats again!

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  • I'm grooming cats again!

    I'v been at my new job a little over a week now, and I just love it! I've posted about that in the general talk forum, and I don't want to get too boring about that, but did I mention that I just love my new job?
    Anyway, at my old job, the owner did all the cats, she told us that was because she didn't want the rest of us to take the risk, but I'm absolutely sure the real reason was that, as we all know, cats are really good, easy money when they're good cats, as 90% of them are when they're handled properly.
    So now I'm back to grooming cats again, after a 5 year hiatus, and so far I think I've done 6 or 7, I did three yesterday, and they were dolls. One was an old guy with a severe heart murmur, that one of the vets had checked out beforehand and come in to tell me about before I groomed it. She told me exactly what was going on, and what to watch for, and assured me she'd be right there if anything went wrong. What a good feeling. Everything went really smoothly, but I just felt good knowing the help was there if I needed it.
    I'm really grateful for this cat forum, and I'm sure I'll be hanging around on here a lot more as I get back into the swing of grooming our feline friends. There's tons of good information on here!

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    I love grooming cats. If I lived in a major metropolitan area, I would give serious thought to being a "Cat-Only Groomer". The money is great, the owners think you are a saint for doing this, and they're quick to get done if they behave.

    Plus, I just love cats! Congrats on getting back into the swing of things, AuntieM!


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      How exciting for you!!!! Grooming a cat is a big feat in itself, what a great accomplishment!

      Sometimes it does take me a little longer to groom a cat, just b/c I like to love on them!!!!