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Products You Must Have When Grooming Cats

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  • Products You Must Have When Grooming Cats

    Now that us cat lovers have our own area to post questions and about posting those must have products that you must have when grooming a cat or a cat with a specific issue.

    For example...I have heard that the Wahl Bruvara (sp?) cuts like butter when shaving cats. So I am hoping to pick one up at the Atlanta Pet Fair this weekend!

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    a maytag washer and dryer

    just kidding!!!!

    I only do one and she is great.


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      I use the Moser ARCO and it works well for cats. I use a thin nylon sliplead to make a figure 8 harness instead of using a grooming loop.


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        -Full Haz-Mat suit to prevent bites and scratches
        -Injectable antibiotics for when the cat scratches through the indestructible suit and bites you

        But on a serious note.. I love Laube Speed Feeds for clipping cats, I know a lot of other people do. The Furminator in my experience does some of its best work on cats.


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          To calm them down, sometimes I'll muzzle them, we have some that look like this: It works better than the cloth/velcro ones, and it can be pulled off quickly if needed.

          I also make figure 8 harnesses, but I don't really groom any, once in a while one will come in for a bath though.


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            Elizabethan color, you don’t have to worry about the cat pulling the muzzle off and getting you anyway


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              I agree I love my Laube Speed Feed.
              Also on the long hair kitties, an undercoat rake works nicely as long as you don't press down hard.


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                For cats, we usually don't like to shave them down. But if they are matted we'll shave the entire stomach area and either thin out the matts on the back or shave them out if needed. Most of the cats that come in just have a lot of dead hair so a comb does wonders!


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                  The Clipper Vac. If I'm going to clip a cat, I wont groom without it.

                  Tammy in Utah
                  Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                    cats!!!! Ya gotta love 'em

                    I wont groom a cat without a muzzel and a quiet shop, thats why I like my cats in at 7:30 in the morning before the place erupts into barking and dryers