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  • Cat Allergy formula

    I was reading the post about Cat allergies.
    Has any one tried that cat bath solution with the Downy and vinegar?
    I am allergic to Downy and get a rash. Any other product as a substitute?

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    No, but I have heard of petting animals with dryer sheets to keep down dander.


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      I don't think I would use Downy at any dilution on a cat. But, yesterday, I groomed a very greasy, flaky cat and did a vinegar rinse after the shampoo. I followed with a very light creme rinse, and he came out soooo squeaky clean and soft! I have allergies to cats (and dogs), so getting rid of flakes and excess hair and allergens they carry on their fur makes life good for me!


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        Try Allerpet C and a Zoom Groom.


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          Can someone elaborate on the vinegar rinse?


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            If you do a search, you will find many replies to this question. Basically I learned that it removes residue and residual soap. I use a Bathing Beauty. After I drain the shampoo water, I refill just a little and add a glug of vinegar (probably 1/4 cup or so). I recirculate this to rinse the pet, then quick rinse the dilution off before using conditioner. I had a husky smell pickly after she was dry, so I now rinse a little more thoroughly! I think Helly listed a specific amount of vinegar per gallon to use, though.