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I've never groomed a cat!

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  • I've never groomed a cat!

    I'm looking for some advice on grooming my 8 year old cat. He has never, ever had a bath or any professional grooming... just me combing him out once in awhile. While I have been grooming dogs for almost 5 years now.. I have never groomed a cat.

    My question... I would like to either bath, or somehow groom "Simba" .. he is a grey "medium length" dsh... he has alot of dandruff on his rump and hind quarters... Is there a good product to "dry bath" him? Or should I try to bath him in my dogshop? He is pretty good natured but he does like to "love bite" when I'm combing him, or just in general if we walk by him - he'll swipe at us and bite... He is about 15 lbs... a pretty big boy.

    Is it too late in his life for his FIRST (wet) bath?

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    Hold him by his scruff, I use regular shampoo made "for dogs and cats" on the label (Cats are dainty little creatures), and I wash them twice. It's hard, but if you have him scruffed he should be ok.

    Turn the water on VERY slowly...or dip him in a bucket of warm water.

    Every cat is different, and some don't take to noises well, while they're ok with water.

    Tammy in Utah
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        Thanks for the valuable info guys... Tammy, when you say hold him by the scruff, does that mean that I DON'T use the tub "noose" on him?


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          cat baths

          I've got two cats and I do them at home were they are calmer and less stressed. My older one who I've had since he was 7-8 weeks old (3 1/2 yrs now) will sit in the tub with just a gentle touch on his neck or chest to hold him still. The other one who was 7 monthes when we got him (20 monthes with back problems) Turn on the water his is in the bathroom, put him in the tub his scared, hold him by his scruff his is panicing, not fun. Finally figured out to use the bath tub loop around his neck and one arm, he sits there and is wonderful.

          We use regular shampoo and conditioner for cats and dogs. Try to get as much water off before they get cranky (we use towels) .Also make sure that kitty has a place to go thats warm so he doesn't get a chill.

          Remember he is a cat and they do have mind of their own and that's what makes them so cool. If he acts bad don't force the issue you will probably lose, or at least that was how it was with me. I won't do cats at my work because I know how bad they can be.
          Never gonna know if you never even try


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            Cats are easier to bathe in very warm (not scolding) water, with their ears pinned down so that water does not get in. Most importantly try not to get water in the kitty’s nose (more so that dogs) simply because cats will not react well to bad water aim. Cats also like to have a place to stand up. If you have a regular tub lifted up allow them to stand with their paws on the wall. If you have a stainless tub, get some sort of a grate for them to stand their front feet on. I do not use restraints on cats, however I do know some who have had success with the figure eight combination of a slip lead, and others who swear by an Elizabethan collar.


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              Originally posted by lillysmom View Post
              Thanks for the valuable info guys... Tammy, when you say hold him by the scruff, does that mean that I DON'T use the tub "noose" on him?
              Please dont ever use a noose on a cat. They are much more fragile than dogs, and if they happen to freak out, they can easily snap their neck or suffocate. The safest thing to use is a figure 8 harness and hold his scruff while youre bathing him.