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Catminster..not kidding!!!

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  • Catminster..not kidding!!!

    I was at the library the other day with my kids and I came upon the latest cat magazine. Well it said that there will be the First Annual Catminster at the beginning of March (I think) and it will air on the GameShow network.

    They are going to have agility and everything!!!

    I can't wait to see it!!!!

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      Go Kitties!!

      The CFA has been doing the International Cat show for years.
      I think this is just a way to get more public awareness.
      Looks like a lot of fun.
      GO Kitties...


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        It's about time!!!

        Woo-Hoo! Finally cats are getting some of the attention they so richly deserve. Cat breeders, handlers, groomers, agility trainers - they all put so much time and effort and love into their cats. I can't wait to see this.



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          Cat agility!! I want to train my siamese to do agilty now!! He'll do anything for a treat or a crinkly sounding toy. Yay!!


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            you know i was telling my hubby just the other day that my siamese mix termite,would be very trainable hes very treat motivated,and he already plays fetch i will throw his ball he brings it back to me,and he knows how to sit


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              I am so excited to see this, its going to be sooo awesome!!! I think that a lot of people don't really realize just how cool cats are, hopefully this will bring some more awareness!!


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                Yeah, this is great, true about how a lot of people don't know (some) cats can be trained like dogs.
                I had a chi x from a shelter, (extremely shy dog) I was training to "sit" one day. My black cat was sitting there watching us. Everytime I told the dog to sit, I would have to "place" his but down, then I would give him a treat and praise him. I looked over and noticed Taz (the cat) would sit everytime I said sit, then he'd get up wind around me, look at me and sit, and stare at I gave him a treat, I swear you could see him grin at the dog. He knew sit. lay. 1 minute stay. to place, (where you point where you want him to go and he does) He would've been perfect for this.