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I had to laugh at a Facebook post regarding cat bathing.

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  • I had to laugh at a Facebook post regarding cat bathing.

    A lovely groomer posted on a, local fb group (local to me) about pricing for a Maine Coon bath and blow as the owners previous groomer quit her job and the salon stopped cat grooming.

    I replied with my costs for cat grooms as I groom them, but I had to reply to a couple of the responses as they were rediculous!

    Apparently we who bath cats are horrible and cruel as it is stressful because cats hate water. - I explained that providing they are bathed and dried as kittens and the routine is kept up with, they are fine for bathing in a quiet salon. Heck I even had a Persian who would get in the full bath or sink if you gave her half a chance!!

    And why bother bathing them?? They clean the selves! This one I replied with how is using one's own saliva and tongue cleaning ones selfe especially on a thick double or even triple coat?

    I really had to shake my head and laugh.

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    First-love your avatar!
    Until I got on this board I fully accepted the 'cats clean themselves' thing. Not sure why as I questioned almost everything else I was taught. But had I read that someone was bathing cats I would have found it funny, not something to scold them for. Silly people, cats are incredibly well equipped to defend themselves should the bathing experience not be o their liking.


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      Thank you its only taken me 3 years to figure out how to do it ! I took that pic in Feb x

      I've never questioned it but then I grew up showing and breeding Persians x


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        Cat bathing vs let them"groom" themselves is probably the most misunderstood in the grooming world of pet owners.


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          I used to believe this too!


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            I would say 90 percent at least of my customers think cats groom themselves, they do, but that doesn't mean clean!


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              It really can be all about starting them young. I have some that just don't want quick moves, but the water, eh, whatever go slow and steady no problem. They remember how it has been done with no fears remembered. I ask people would you feel clean after licking yourself all over? Especially if you had just eaten fish?