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Orange Persian with stains around mouth

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  • Orange Persian with stains around mouth

    I was stumped by a question a former client emailed me. She said her one-year old orange (or maybe they're called ginger) Persian male has what looks like rust stains around his mouth. It's not due to tooth problems as he was just checked by a vet. The food she uses is dry Royal Canin for Persian kittens. I was thinking chin acne, but since she described it as rust-colored stain, that didn't seem to match. Is this something that Persian cat breeders know about? Does the fur color change around the mouth at about one year of age?
    I have seen chin acne on many cats, discoloration on some cats who have bad teeth, and freckles on kitties with orange short hair, but not rust coloring on the chin.

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    Sorry I've only just seen this.

    It might be the water it's drinking, if it's hard/minerally water, try switching to filtered/ bottled water

    Is it drinking eating from metal bowl? Try switching to ceramic.

    Sometimes it's genetic.

    I can't see it be the rc Persian kitten food (although he could do with going on to adult food now as he is an adult cat ) as we fed our Persian kittens on it with no issue, when we bred them.

    Is he being fed other treats? That could also be a source due to the amount of additives and preservites and colourings in them.


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      Thanks for the suggestions about the bowl and treats. Hadn't thought of that.


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        We had more rust in our well water during summer season and it discolored the bowl and muzzle on our dogs but with my orange kitty Amber who knew? Good going marshmellow.


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          Could he be an especially drooly boy? If he always has dampness around his mouth, I would imagine it would do the same sort of staining like on the flews and floss hairs on dogs...