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  • Bichon

    I posted this thread on the old board and received a lot of feedback and constructive criticism, which was much appreciated. I tried really hard to keep all of it in mind while I was grooming the same dog today.

    Old link with pictures click here

    and I really tried to do better this time:
    Full body shot

    head shot

    And I took this when I had the back end done
    back end

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    I see a whole lot of improvement! Good job (I can't really critique very well since I'm not a groomer quite yet ).


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      Much better. I'd fluff out the ears a bit more then go over it a little more to get off the "whispies". The back of the front legs could be neatened up more. What did the owner say? Looks like the dog came in on time.


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        Looks better. You missed a couple of hairs at the mouth right under the nose. You know the ones they lick into their mouth. I always cut those off. There was something scraggly on the back end. Did you miss something or what that hair that was cut and the dog sat on it? Fluff the ears a bit more, try to get the coat a little straighter. But you are getting there. I would have been happy if that was my dog you groomed.
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          The owner was very happy and didn't even put her collar when she left because she didn't want to muss her. And she made another appt, so that is always good.

          I kept trying to get all wispies, but her coat is lacking a lot and she is mostly made of wispies - lol. Thanks for the feedback. Bichons for the size of them are a lot to groom.


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            I think she looks a lot better .. It takes some time to get used to and it is a lot of work. You will get better everytime. It is very hard when they are sparse in the hair department.
            I had an ancient bichon with warts that I used to groom who had hardly any hair and what hair he did have was horribly matted, and his owner was a former groomer.. go figure. I used to fret over getting him straight and fluffy, that was pretty hard.. none the less trying to clip with huge warts all over the place.


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              WOW, compared to your other groom job you have improved greatly! As the others have said there are a few whispies here and there, but I think you have done soooo much better.

              It sounds like the owner was really very pleased "didn't even put her collar on when she left because she didn't want to muss her."
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                You are getting there

                Hi, much improved! Now tighten up the forTchest, and throat/neck area. Create a definition between the neck and under jaw.

                Take a copy of the head shot. Draw a circle connecting the ears, jaw and top-head. that will give you an idea as to where more hair is needed or where you can tidy and shape. Having photos of your work is one of the best ways to actually 'tweak" your own work.

                The legs look much better, but you can tighten and tweak.

                Have you tried using the ss combs for setting length for the legs? I do sometimes, the longer combs work super for this. The longer combs work super, like the #B,C,D. Just a suggestion.

                Super improvement.


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                  Like the others have said...big improvement from what she was to what you have accomplished with her...I like the look in her eyes. She looks like she is saying thank you for getting her back into shape.


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                    Great improvement!! I always cut those gross hairs too lisa.. Run the comb through him backwards, finer toothed comb. You'll catch more of the whisps. With the condition the coat was in on the before shot, when first brought in, he looks great. Sometimes it takes a few grooms to achive the "look". Next time it'll be perfect!


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                      You can really see the difference. How you took the criticism well and applied it to the next groom. He looks great. Too cute.


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                        Good Job

                        Great grooming Shell!! Lots of improvement - You're taking the constructive criticism like a pro. Everytime I do a groom, I stand back and look at it from all angles. Sometimes I even put them on the floor to see them from that angle. Find those whispy ends out and snip 'em - long straight/smooth cuts...Bichon's in my opinion are hard to groom anyway. Lots of work! I only have 1 that gets the actual breed groom like yours, the rest get buzz cuts per their owners request. Feels good to get another good groom under your belt though huh!
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                          Be proud, I see great improvement. Kudos for taking pics too, as it helps you to see where you need to make changes. Like you said the client was pleased and made another appointment, so you have another oppurtunity to practice and do even better next time. Bichons can be difficult either because of personality issues, but also the coats can be hard to work with when they aren't on a good diet, or properly brushed and maintained between seeing you. Just always do the best you can.
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                            Originally posted by Mary1980 View Post
                            You can really see the difference. How you took the criticism well and applied it to the next groom. He looks great. Too cute.
                            I think you did great, just a little tightening up here and there and you've got it. Well Done
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                              There is nothing I can add to what everyone else has said except to say BIG IMPROVEMENT!!! She is not perfect, but she is a good job! If she does not have too sensitive of skin maybe you could use a little mousse or gel next time to give her some more texture. That would make it easier to get the whispies and tighten her look up. But if the customer is happy you should be happy
                              SheilaB from SC