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Help/Advise for achieving my dream as a master groomer!

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  • Help/Advise for achieving my dream as a master groomer!

    Hi everyone,

    I would really appreciate any help/advise you can give to guide me in becoming a master groomer! =)

    Just a little background: I am a Malaysian citizen, but I have been living in Australia for the last 9 years (Sydney specifically). I don't mind working hard, and definitely don't mind relocating anywhere to get the best training/internationally recognized accerditation I can get so that I can be the best groomer for each pooche. Financially, I believe I would need to be able to work during the course (if possible) to support my living expenses even if I manage to save up for the course. Family is out of the option as they reckon it is a ridiculous idea being a groomer.

    I have considered going to a grooming school in Malaysia, but there seems to be only one "good" one. And given the population is mainly islamic, they don't own dogs in general and hence pet grooming businesses do struggle there more and apprenticeships/permanent jobs are hard to come by.

    Currently, I am looking at saving up for perhaps schools in either the US or Australia. But, that being said, I am willing to travel to any country that delivers a well recognized grooming course that would allow me to work (casual/partime) while I study. If possible, opportunities for permenant empolyment in the respective country.

    I would really appreciate it if you could give me some ideas to the best/accerdited grooming schools in your respective countries and the job opportunities after that.

    For starters,

    In the US -
    1. Could anyone recommend any grooming school/courses that are both well recognized by groomers and SERVIS so that I could get a student visa to pursue training with them?
    2. What are the chances of getting a permanent job/being able to work permanently in the US as a dog groomer? I have seen some school offering lifetime job placement how helpful is that actually?

    In AUS-
    1. Could anyone recommend any grooming school/courses that are well recognized by groomers? I understand pets australia offers careers services, but I would also like to get the personal perspectives of business owners who have employed groomers coming from different institutes, how did you find them?
    2. What are the chances of employer sponsorship? If skills and experience isn't a barrier, is its still very hard to get a 457 visa?

    Thanks for reading thus far (sorry this is really long!) and I really appreciate the time you take to give me any feedback/advise.

    Jo =)

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    I will PM you