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Looking to shadow in Northeast Ohio

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  • Looking to shadow in Northeast Ohio

    I currently volunteer at my local animal protective league and will be concentrating on that for the next year. I am very interested in getting into pet grooming. Would like to start out as a bather and work my way up as I train. I'm also considering going to school to get certified. (Or try to get into Petsmart's or Petco's training programs). Was wondering if there are any local groomers that wouldn't mind if I shadow them for a bit to get the feel of what I should expect. I live in Cleveland area in Ohio. Specifically Elyria (Lorain County) Thanks

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    I look at the job ads here every day. You can put this word out there too in the Ohio section. I would say apprentice position wanted, what is shadow to some is probably not the same to others. Good luck.