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  • How did you get started?

    Hello, i am currently a bather with 7 months experience, my current coorporate employer is not really working out and i need to move on but i love grooming and need to continue on this path. I am wondering if i should talk to some private salons in my area and see if they have bathers, or try other coorporate salons? How would i go about this? What questions do i need to ask? Do salons train stylists or hire outside usually? (I know that every salon will be different if itvis privately owned, i am just looking for maybe an overall)

    Any advice or stories about how you all got started would help

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    My first corporate salon was a DISASTER!! I was forced to work register during my shifts to help out the stores payroll. One day I had two dogs about to come in when the gm grabbed me and told me to work register, when I told her I had dogs scheduled she told me to move them to someone else. I walked out right then and there. Luckily I was able to talk to the district manager and he agreed to transfer me to another location. The difference was amazing. I went through the grooming program and transferred back to my old store once the original gm was fired. Eventually I became the GSM at my salon. If you have a "good" mentor and a good crew to work with then corporate can definitely be beneficial. You have to want it bad enough though. Wether you train through corporate or private you have to be committed to learning everything you can and staying up to date on all new information.

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      I have light grooming experience (5 months and grooming school), bathing, nails, glands, shave downs, puppy cuts but not breed cuts, and got interviews at small shops and just got a part time job as a bather at a good shop that will train me if they like my work there, to groom. So it's possible for you...
      I like the vibe of small shops better than corporations.
      Send out your resume, any grooming photos of your work to shops you would like to work at and ask if they have any bather/apprentice positions.


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        I was a bather in a corporate salon with a surly manager and several surly groomers. Seriously, it was one of the most miserable work environments I have ever been in, and I've worked in lots of industries. I am sure it was just that unfortunate store and not a reflection of corporate as a whole. Just a bad mix of people who all seemed to hate each other, but it made for a miserable work environment.

        Anyway, I approached them about schooling to become a groomer because I had heard through some grapevine that that was a thing they were going to start doing (this was in the 90's), but it fell flat. I still really wanted to groom, so I approached every groomer in my area and surrounding areas, and still nothing. I finally just made some big sacrifices and came up with the money and went to grooming school. I have never regretted it. I'm actually glad it worked out that way, in hindsight. Now that I am a salon owner, I realize why so many other salon owners before me were hesitant to take on a trainee or apprentice. It's a pretty big commitment for someone you really don't know and who may have no commitment to you. Also, I will never have to worry about having to compete with a mentor if things don't work out and the resulting guilt trip. I know a few people that happened to-- they put a lot of time and resources into training someone only to have that someone leave soon after and open up a shop down the road, sometimes taking employees with them.

        Is grooming school an option? I am really very glad that's the way I went even though it wasn't initially my first choice.


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          I've worked almost nine years in corporate now, and have very good regular clientele that are 50/50 on fluffy/breed or specialty haircuts vs half-inch or shorter body clips. I have dedicated bathers and groomers, and while I've cycled through 4ish store managers, each of them has trusted us to run our business in order to be successful. I have a few qualms with the system that may or may not be solved by working in a private environment, but overall, I have little to complain about.

          It might be worth requesting a transfer, and if it doesn't work out there, then go ahead with Plan C.