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Clipper for face, pads, sanitary, etc

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  • Clipper for face, pads, sanitary, etc

    I am a little confused looking at different clippers. I want a clipper that is small to help me do pads, sanitary, face etc on the small dogs. I am seeing a need for it, for me at least, and want one that will let me change from a 40 to a 10 to a whatever. Do any of the little ones come with changeable blades. They all seem to come with a 40 attached, but I can't tell if there are other blades or if the 40 comes off at all? It is very confusing because I'm new I guess.

    BUT..... the whole shopping thing sure is fun!!!!

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    I got my laube speed feed a few weeks back, and I looove it for this. It has one blade that clicks from a #40 to a #9. It cuts like butter and is very small and quiet. It come with 2 rechargeable batteries that do not develop memory. A good buy for me!


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      Look for a variable blade trimmer. I have a cordless Andis for feet and sanis. It is also snap on compatible for a really scared dog, or a puppy. It is quieter and really lightweight. Not a powerful motor, so not good for say a cocker type hair on the body, but the face would be fine.


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        For feet and faces I like my Wahl Tidbit. It does have a 30 blade, not a 40, and while it's not adjustable, it comes with little guard combs you can use over the blade for various lengths. It's tiny, makes hardly any noise, and has plenty of power.


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          I use the bravera's (wahl) love them, but I would be very nervous using them in the sanitary.


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            I use Wahl Bravura, as well. Excellent to use under mats. Powerful and quick. I use them on sani's, just be careful not to clip to close, also go with the grain. I learned from past experience that they cut close and will irritate this delicate area.

            I finally settled on the Bravura. I tried the Wahl Chromado's (purchased 4 within 6 months). All of the Chromado's I purchased, died. They do have a one year warranty, but who wants to fool with that? After the Chromado's wore out their welcome, I tried the Bravura's (purchased in June 06'-still working).

            Wahl Corporation is great! I sent them an e-mail and expressed my dissappointment with the Chromado's. Within 10 minutes of sending the e-mail, I receive a phone call. The person on the other end of the phone said to go ahead and send in all 4 Chromado's with a copy of the invoices. They replaced all 4 of the Chromado's with the Bravura's (Bravura's retail for about $20-$25 more than the Chromado's). I also slipped in 2 of the snap on metal combs that got tweeked and they replaced those as well! Can't ask for better service.


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              I use a Bravura for pads and faces but not sanitary areas. I also love doing poodle feet with it. I just use a #10 on my regular clippers for the sanitarys.


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                wahl arco se moser

                this is what I was given in school for faces,feet,ears and sanitary. works great. settings go from 9 to 10 to 15 to 30 then its either 35 or 40, I use 10 on ear backs and sanitary very lightly/no complaints. use 15 on inside of ears, 15 or 30 on pawpads depending on condition, mats etc. 10 on shnauzer faces, although when my boss at the shop saw me do this the other day she said be careful because I could hit the bone in their cheek (?) using a moser on the face instead of a blade. never heard of this but I always listen to everything some one with years of experience has to offer. I really like the se alot.


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                  Laube speed feed I have 2 pair i can't work with out them now.