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    Has anyone catered to the older dog. I am only in my 3rd week of grooming school but I find myself drawn to the older dogs. I have done a couple of 16 years olds just this week. Seems like everyday I have at least one dog older than 12. I really like doing them and feel like I am doing something good for the dog. They get do relaxed in the tub you just know their muscles are feeling good. They all hate the dryer but dont seem to mind me clipping them or whatever it is. I guess they are so use to it by now. I'm thinking of offering, when I have my own salon, a older dog day or something. Does anyone do anything special or offer anything for their older clients?

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    I love old dogs

    I love old dogs, to me they're like the Velveteen Rabbit, "loved till they're furs all loved off" . I do think its important to be careful with the blowdryer, some older dogs with dementia can have seizures if they get too stressed. Also, its important to have good communication with the client about what you can and can't do. Long hair that's notted is too hard for old dogs to tolerate brushed out. The main thing I do differently for them is do them on a quick in/out. I usually want the owner available to pick up right when the pet is done. Most of the owners really appreciate this as they don't want to leave their older/ill dogs for very long. It also saves you multiple walks outside for those with bladder problems. I do my old guys on regular days, I just work them in differently. You might offer a senior dog package that includes an express grooming, walk outside, and breath freshener to let the owners know you enjoy working on golden oldies and have a special focus on their needs.



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      you can also advertise that you specilize in older dogs. this might help draw the people with the older guys to you when you open your shop. some people are drawn to the older guys, some to the younger, some just to cats, some just to certain breeds or sizes. you can more than likely turn out to be a older dog typey salon...where most of your clients are older dogs...
      good luck!


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        Most of the owners wait while I groom their pet. You need patience for the ones that try to bite(with no teeth) or can't stand for very long. Take the time to consider their needs and work with it.
        Make it as comfortable as possible.........if the need to sit or lay down,let them. Don't plan on a normal groom time as you'll only get backed up.
        Just my opinion


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          Sort of with the territory

          of Housecall Grooming, old dog clients. It goes well in their own home, one on one. I use the mini Petedge warm dryer for such. I've done dogs that do not stand at all, first one side, then rolling over, then the other side. It feels good to have them feel good.

          There is one real down side to grooming the older dogs. They die. Geez, I've had three very very good doggy customers die in the last 2 months. It is hard, though I know they had a good life. I feel sad, and have to say I hadn't thought of that when planning my business.
          Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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            Old dogs are good. they pretty much except anything. When i groom them i try to let them sit down (if they need to) as much as they can. The only time i really need them standing is when i am trimming nails or working with the feet/tail in any way. Otherwise they just sit on the grooming table and chill. But when they do have to stand i use my Groomers Helper to keep/help them to stand (professional set only).


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              Its so sad!

              I agree with Arrooh about the down side. We lost about 5 dogs due to old age just this sad. We miss them so much since they were always regular customers.
              I also lost a Bischon that was having seizures. He was only 3 and it came on very suddenly. He will be missed greatly by me and his owner, who is a close friend. AND...not only that, but his "cousin dog", an American Eskimo, died of cancer in the last month as well...sigh...very sad. I loved them both.
              I do, tho, on the upside, get to help my friend pick out a new puppy, which will undoubtedly come to me for grooming. It wont take Diegos place, but it will be fun to train a new pup to groom.
              (I like doing the old dogs too, and just being patient and reassuring gets me VERY far with those biters. They respond very well and I seldom use muzzles on them anymore)