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  • Turning down job offers

    I am looking for jobs and one shop has already made me an offer. Monday I am doing a trial groom at a vets, and Wednesday a trial groom at a Petsomething. If I get offers from all three places, I will have to turn some of them down. Plus I had an interview for a job using my chemistry degree.

    If I get the chemistry job and turn down the grooming jobs, I am worried that I won't be able to reapply at the other places if the chemistry doesn't work out (and it hasn't in the past). I already turned down a trial groom at a local shop when I took my last job, and was interviewed already at the Petsomething, but turned it down when I got my first choice job. I don't think I can turn them down again and get a third shot if a job doesn't work out.

    Here is a run-down of the choices (assuming I do well at the trials):
    Local shop - Good teacher, high prices, but evening hours and growing business
    Vet - Seems busy, good location, but smelly and disorganized
    Petsomething - Has benefits, might be busy enough, but low prices and eves/weekends

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    Well it is for sure nice to have all those options come to you. Picking is easier then hunting and trying to find something. I work at a vets and I looooove it, I have learned soooo much and not just about grooming either. The local shop one sounds awesome because you have someone with alot of experience if you have any questions or need help with anything. If it were me Id pick the local but it all depends on you because the atmosphere will be different in all 3. So it really depends on you. I know that working in a vet clinic you prob will get alot of challenging animals that others wont and cant do, which sometimes frusturates me. But at the same time can be rewarding.


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      I would personally go with the local one. Good teacher-so you will have better skills to fall back on. They will probably be more understanding of the chemistry study also.


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        As the owner of an independent salon I would say if you find one you like go for it. I love my staff and appreciate them very much. I have worked in corporate vet care and not felt satisfied with the care of the pets or the staff. As an owner, I reward my employees well and treat them very well compared to most corporate places. If the person can train you and give you an opportunity to better yourself as a professional groomer that is really worth something. If the business is growing you can grow with the company. I have met many groomers who went to work for places that only did shave and bathe and the groomers skills got worse not better because the work was not very rewarding. I personally would NEVER work in a dirty/disorganized place. The culture of a place like that will bring you down. Many of us have put time in at places that we didn't like, but given the choice I would go with whichever business offered the highest quality grooming, only that way will you be able to do high quality work.



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          I work for Petsomething and I am happy. I enjoy the benefits (Medical, Dental, 401k, Employee stock program, etc.,) and the work. We get paid weekly. Even dogs that get free grooms, we get paid our commission.

          Our salon is very busy and employs 8 groomers, 4 bathers. All of us are hardworking and work well as a team. All of our groomers are very good. We do alot of different breed clips and shave downs, too.

          I'm certain there are a few Petsomething's out there that are not so great. Alot has to do with the environment and management. Not many business owners are as thankful and appreciative as the previous member, either.

          Ask many questions? Do your homework before accepting a position.

          Good luck!


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            i have worked for petsomething, and private salons. im not sure if you are getting work as a bather or a groomer. i will say at my petsomething, they paid commission for bathers, and dont at the other one (email me for info that i cant say on here). the 2 good things about corporate are benefits and independence. the bad thing is that most of the time they are run poorly, and store managers have no concept of grooming (ours had to ask us why we needed hot water). if you find a good salon though , it can be great, and if its busy the money is real good.
            the thing i hated about a private salon is that you cant do things your way. the person in charge tells you what they want, and thats what you have to do. so the key with privates is finding someone who you think has a good process. the first private i worked for, the woman had 30+ years experiance, was an amazing groomer, but was also moody, a perfectionist, and just all in all, i didnt agree with how she groomed. but she had been doing the same thing for 30 years, she wasnt about to change because i said something. currently i work with someone who i think is great with dogs, and agree with in terms of grooming ethics.