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Grooming A Shar Pei

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  • Grooming A Shar Pei

    I am a fairly new groomer.Less than 2 years.
    I had my first Shar Pei this week. I researched & learned there are 3 types of coats in this breed. I beleive I was working with a "Brush Type".
    I was just curious what tools some of you more "seasoned" groomers use on this breed.
    I read that they do not really shed but rather molt.<?>
    I used Furm shampoo/solution on him because he had loose hair just laying on top of his coat. I also used a slicker brush, Furm brush/tool & rubber grooming mit. I just wasnt happy with the finished look. The client was, she re-booked. But I was just wondering what is usually done with this breed.
    I love booking a new breed that I havent done yet, & I like to all my finished dogs look like they are ready for Westminister
    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Horse coats are said to molt, brush coats shed year round. Horse coats that are molting can look like moths have been chewing on the dog.

    I'd use a Zoom Groom on a brush or horse coat. Peis can have such sensitive skin, and it would be difficult to use a Furminator effectively due to the wrinkles. I'd be a little leary of using a slicker on a Pei, unless it were a bear coat.


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      If the client was happy it was a successful groom! Shar-pei's are NOT my favorite breed (both in coat and disposion...usually). I have found that using the Zoom groom tool and a rubber curry can work nicely on their coats and doesn't irritate their sometimes irritable skin. That is great that you did some research before the dog came is quite impresive and shows that you are a dedicated groomer!
      SheilaB from SC