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  • Looking for a Change - Need Help!

    I am currently working F/T in an office and I am looking for something different. I have always loved animals and when I was small I wanted to be a Veterinarian - I just never pursued it - stupidly. Anyway.... I have been interested in the art of grooming for a while now... and now I am seriously interested in taking the steps toward pursuing this interest. To be honest, I didn't pursue it sooner b/c I wasn't sure how to ... and I still am not sure... but I know I want a change... I am tired of my same-ole-same-ole desk job.

    I tried to find schools in my area, but they are too far away for me to get to... I thought about on-line training but I would truly prefer a hands-on approach as that is how I learn better. I've looked at some places to work at to learn, and they ask for experience. Which i don't have, For now, I need to learn about the field and I am looking to do this P/T until I know I can make some money to help support my household. We can't afford for me to quit my job at this time.

    Any help or advice anyone may have would be nice. Also I'd be interested in your experiences as well. I appreciate your time... and I hope to be a groomer as you are sometime soon. Thanks again!

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    Think Outside the Box.....

    Hi, Mechelle,

    Welcome aboard! I was in the same boat as you (and partially still am). I am doing my transition as we speak. I couldn't afford or take the time to go to school because I was a single mom with a mortgage when I first came to Texas (originally from California). Back in the day, I wanted to be a Groomer (when they weren't making that much money) - careful or I'll tell my age.

    Fast forward to the present, I apprenticed for almost two and a half years at a vet clinic and a shop as well as volunteer at the local shelter as a groomer. I just took out the phone book and started calling all the shops and vet clinics in the area to see if anyone was interested in bartering free help in exchange for training. I worked for free because the training was more important to me than the money. I also worked in the evenings and weekends for one of the large pet chains as a bather. I have learned a lot but its an ongoing learning process because there is still some many things that I don't know to date. But it is so much fun learning.

    Try to find someone who will be willing to mentor you and teach you the ropes. See if you can find a bathing position and work on the evenings/weekends to see if this is really what you want to do before you go through the expense of buying tools and equipment that is required in this business. There are so many options and opportunities in this business (i.e., salon, mobile, housecall, etc.).

    If you decide you still want to be a groomer, start practicing on family and friends pets, go from there.

    I currently have almost 10 (prebooked) customers and I am now in the process of building my own mobile truck while I am a housecall groomer. Sometimes I will bring pet babies to my house if they are close to where I live or otherwise, I lug all of my equipment to their house (which is really bad on my back and joints). I decided to put a grooming tub in my utility room until my truck is ready.

    If you have the determination and persistence, there is a way! As well as finding this board is and will be one of your best tools and source of information.

    Hope I was helpful!


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      Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement and inspiration. I have looked into a couple of places in my area to leanr the art... but the animal rescue leage only grooms during the week while I am working and a while back when I asked about being a part of a vet hospital as a vet tech or training, I was shot down. How did you get involved in being a vet tech? Don't you need special schooling? I'd like to do anything that would allow me to work closer w/ dogs (primarily - as I am allergic to cats) one on one. Can I cater to Dogs only?! Think that would hurt me at all? I even looked into some large pet retail places to see if they had openings b/c sometimes they hire apprentices and pay for their trainign, but none are hiring here. Urgh! I will have to look into some local small groomers and see if they will allow me learn from them w/o them looking at me as future competition? How do you get around that obstacle? Thanks all... I appreciate your help!