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Best Grooming Event to Attend ?

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  • Best Grooming Event to Attend ?

    has anyone gone to the Groom Expo at Hersey PA?

    What is the best event to go to to check out new equipment etc?

    I am Canadian so I will have to make a mini vacation out of it.

    Any suggestions would be helpful.

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    All the big shows like Intergroom, Hershey, Atlanta, All-American coming up in Chicago have ALL the latest equipment. That should not be your only reason for attending. First and foremost - education, then equipment, then fun or seeing the sights. If you are travelling a long distance then Atlanta or Intergroom would give you the opportunity to see Atlanta or New York City.

    Hershey doesn't have much in the way of entertainment outside of the lodge. You do have Hershey park if you are young enough to enjoy the rides, the factory tour is brief and getting a cab to the lodge at night is a hassle. You really have to rent a car. Whereas, in Atlanta you have the public transit system and the underground right there. Intergroom affords you the opportunity to visit the Big Apple nearby. All-American has Chicago 30 miles away. If you like the Amish Country then visit Hershey and take the bus tour. It is interesting, but very, very laid- back.