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I am about to ask the most stupid question ever!

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  • I am about to ask the most stupid question ever!

    What is it like to compete in grooming competitions. I know some of you here might think this is a really stupid question but i have never taken part in one and i am very interested in starting. any help/opinions/advice/tips etc would be great.

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    well, i don't think that's a very stupid question at all. i can't really help you here. i was just looking for a good know, a question like. how many ears does a dog have? now that would be a stupid really disappoint jk


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      goldiphlox, ROFL, you're tooo funny.
      "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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        HAHA. I just would really like to know what it is like. It looks like fun and i would like to know how to get involved...and once i get involved i would like to know what to do.


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          It is the most nervewracking thing you will ever do (right up there with getting married, giving a speech, etc.). it is also very fun and rewarding even if you don't win or place. I recommend going to some as a spectator before competing


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   ex boss was in the competitions...and from what ive heard from her some people take it a little TOO seriously...and that you should bring a dog you can actually GIVE a haircut too...she said some new people brought labs or a simple dog to do and everyone looked at them like they were in idiot!
            after she trained me she wanted ME to get into it...but thankfully i lucked out on that one because she fired me before she trained me...and grooming comps are NOT something im intrested in. im not a very competitive person...and having a few awards on my wall from it...i really dont know if id like to do it or not. and i really wouldnt want to be pushed into doing it because my boss expected me to. which ALMOST happened!
            if ya feel up to a few...and then join one and see if its for you or not!
            good luck!


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              It was quite a rush, but it was pretty fun. I had never groomed a standard poodle in less than 4 hours and I had to do it in 2 and a half. My ONLY goal was to finish in that time. I had 2 minutes to spare and I was happy with that. I wouldn't mind competing again some day, but I would definitely stay as long as I needed to to find and ask opinions of the judges. I didn't get a chance to last time and was really disappointed. I just need the time and the right dog to work with. The time is the issue, not the dog. I've got some to choose from.