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Best idea I have ever tried

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  • Best idea I have ever tried

    My garage sale is this weekend. I have made enough already for
    my petquest hotel, and I still have tomorrow.

    I made up a very nice poster,of my grooms, plus a flier in the center, put it up on the nicest antique chest I had,and put my cards in a basket on top.

    Looked nice, and most people stopped,looked and commented. Most all of the kids did.
    I started with 30 cards, and have only 2 left! Had to print up more tonight.

    Almost everyone had at least one dog and one lady today had 4 and one had 5, two of which are Cockers, an Akita and a Husky mix.
    One guy has a Rott Chow mix, and I got to explain furminating to him. He said
    it sure would be worth it and seemed sincere.
    One lady has a Lab and she tried to groom him herself and plugged her pipes.
    She is a sure bet. She said she would never try that again!

    I know I have solid leads on at least 5 dogs, and perhaps more.
    One lady has an older yorki that she wants shaved down so he is not so long anymore. She actually just drove in to ask about the grooming after someone saw my poster, and gave her my card that morning ( I know, How matted? Right?)
    I am very excited! I can't wait to post about my "garage sale" dogs!

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    O wow that was a good idea thats awesome!!! CONGRATS


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      What a great idea, sale you junk and advertise your business all in one swoop!
      "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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        You are a smartie!


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          lalst day of sale

          Didn't sell much, but got leads on two Shnausers, a Siberian H. and
          another Chow mix. Actually took one couple to the shop to see it.
          He said he was getting his dog his shots this week, and he would be calling me. Lots more cards gone.
          I highly reccomend this tactic for people that can't put up much signage.


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            Very smart promotion of your business!!! I hadn't heard of anyone doing that before. Great idea.


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              That's a great idea!

              I could get some capitol for buying some equipment and supplies. I'm starting to buy some stuff so when I get out on my own, I won't have to buy it all at one time

              Thanks for the idea.


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                I was going to take my trailer to this gian flea market that is in the area every sunday. Lots of people take their dogs. I just have to find time to collect my junk lol
                If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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                  So far I have just gotten two grooms out of it.

                  One young and one very old decrepit beagle.

                  That old one was not a fun groom at all. Her bottom
                  was so sore and full of tumors I could not touch it.
                  Had to use special shampoo that made her hair and
                  chunks of dead skin fall out. Could have shampood for
                  days and not got it all out.
                  I talked to her owner about taking her to the vet and
                  she said she would. POor thing, was pretty much blind,
                  and could hardly stand. Bad about her horribly long nails too.
                  Her owner was happy she could even find someone that would
                  do her. I don't know if I will, again.


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                    Hi Redbird,

                    Just wanted to give you some encouragement, since you seemed a little down about your efforts. You know, some people probably arent ready for a groom! If you gave out that many cards and people seem interested, they will go home, stick the card on the fridge or in their wallets and when they happen to take a hard look at Fido will be calling you later. I bet you DO get more out of this. Stay upbeat. I try all kinds of things including advertising in my local Nickel Ad, which has reaped me about 25 customers over the last year. Not to mention if you have dogs that you groom that are yours, take them with you! I went to a Harvest Festival about 45 miles from here and took Luci and Murfee with me. One couple was soooo thrilled about Luci's cut that I got a permanent groom on their Silky Terrier! Its great...they come all that way for ME!! Makes me feel really great.
                    Dont give up!!!
                    Wee Darlins'


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                      Well, just about the time I get feeling sorry for myself someone calls.
                      Outside of the two beagles, I have gotten two dogs to come in for nail trims.
                      I kind of like that, because they have a chance to see how cute the place is, and I have a chance to show off my handling skills. Most dogs that come in for nail trims are dogs the owners can't do.
                      I have one of those fri, plus I am starting to get dogs coming back around for redos.
                      I do have yellow page adds coming out in aug, and sep. So, I think it will be ok. I have a cockapoo to do Fri,(MONSTER) as well, so I just have to be patient.
                      I think the slow start is probably a good thing, as My skills are growing slowly and I have more time to work on my own and family dogs.
                      I probably have between 15 and 20 steady clients.

                      Hey, my sister in law just called and she wants her two Yorkis done!
                      Ha, ya never know.
                      Thats 3 and a nail trim for my weekend, and I am happy with that.
                      The nail trim is a Cavalier/poodle cross, can't wait to see that one.


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                        What a great idea! I attend a flea market with my mom every Tuesday. I never thought to take my grooming cards along. I will start doing that! Thanks for the idea.



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                          That's a great idea, and I agree with whomever else said that it might take some time. It's not like all 30+ people are going to call you suddenly, "Hey, I'm ready for my groom!" LOL

                          As far as saving money for PetQuest, here are a couple of ideas:

                          1. Save your nail trim money as "extra" money, like a tip.

                          2. Save any tips you have. That's what I'm doing to go to the Pet Pro Classic in November (Can't wait!!) and have saved a good chunk o' change.

                          3. Save your change. To do this, only use your dollar bills when you purchase something, and then keep any change. Ie: If you buy a soda for $1.02, give the cashier $2 and throw the $.98 change in your Pet Quest jar. Believe me, it adds up!

                          4. If you use coupons, take the change you saved from the coupons and put it in your Pet Quest jar. After all, you're not really "saving" any money if you just spend it 10 minutes later.

                          5. If you smoke, QUIT! Or, don't spend your tips/extra change on them.

                          Good luck!

                          Tammy in Utah
                          PS: By saving my tip money, I have bought a nice bank of used kennels for $500 ($2159 brand new), a brand new clipper vac off Ebay, still under warranty, a homemade hydraulic table, Laube Litening clippers, grooming tools, etc...
                          Groomers Helper Affiliate